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If you were arrested and accused of drug trafficking in Chattanooga, an attorney may be necessary if you wish to both protect your rights and vie for a mitigated outcome. Prosecutors often do not look kindly on people who have allegedly moved large quantities of narcotics. With the help of an experienced professional, you could maintain some semblance of control during this stressful time.

Charges Associated with Moving Large Amounts of Narcotics

Drug trafficking is associated with the possession of significantly larger quantities of drugs. Tennessee law has varying levels of drug trafficking offenses; as the quantities of the drugs increase, the potential penalties are more severe. Trafficking half an ounce to ten pounds of a controlled substance would result in one to six years of incarceration. More serious levels above ten pounds and up to 70 pounds of narcotics carries a two to 12-year sentence at the discretion of the trial judge and up to a $5,000 fine.

In the range of 70 to 300 pounds of narcotics, the individual is facing a minimum of eight years and a maximum of 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $200,000. The highest level of trafficking in Tennessee is trafficking in narcotics over 300 pounds, which carries a prison term of 15 to 60 years and a fine of up to $500,000. In any of these cases where the prosecution alleges that the person has trafficked illegal drugs, the state must prove that they knowingly possessed a qualifying volume of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute the substance.

Recent Enforcement Efforts Against Traffickers

Chattanooga authorities work in conjunction with federal agencies to form a focal point for drug investigations as drugs make their way through the interstates surrounding the city. Chattanooga is the hub between the Atlanta and Nashville with the critical artery of Interstate 75 running north-south through it, as well as Interstate 24 connecting through to Nashville; with this connectivity, Chattanooga is often a conduit for large quantities of drugs as they make their way up or down the eastern seaboard.

Multiagency task forces in Chattanooga investigate and make significant arrests on the sides of the roads in and around the city. The distribution and trafficking of locally manufactured drugs like methamphetamine have been a focus of Chattanooga law enforcement over the last several decades. The attempts to stymie the flow of drugs into the Chattanooga community have been a successful step for the city both politically and strategically towards the betterment of the community.

The Frequency of Cases Involving Multiple Alleged Offenders

Drug trafficking cases often involve such large quantities of drugs that there are multiple individuals charged as a result of an investigation, which likely lasted for weeks or months as law enforcement pursued any number of individuals in a drug trafficking organization.

If what began as a single arrest for possession of a small amount of marijuana ended with the discovery of a larger quantity of drugs, police may leverage a deal with the arrested individual to help them build an investigation into a more significant drug trafficking case. As a result, drug trafficking cases often involve multiple defendants with multiple attorneys and vast quantities of evidence.

Having an experienced Chattanooga defense attorney with drug trafficking case experience behind them to work with other lawyers and co-defendants could provide accused individuals with opportunities to suppress evidence and obtain the most favorable results possible.

Important Information Surrounding Trafficking Cases

Drug trafficking charges represent the most serious drug charges in Tennessee. If an individual is faced with drug trafficking charges, they must aware that they could face a significant amount of jail time if convicted. Hiring an experienced legal representative in Chattanooga who has successfully handled other drug cases is a crucial first step in establishing a capable defense for what Tennessee law enforcement and prosecutors see as the pinnacle of drug charges.

The state often aggressively pursues drug trafficking charges in an effort to obtain the high-profile reward that comes with successfully convicting individuals charged with these crimes. It is imperative for accused individuals to take the smartest step they can in formulating their defense by hiring an experienced drug trafficking defense lawyer in Chattanooga.

Let an Experienced Chattanooga Drug Trafficking Attorney Help

Given the state’s attitude toward people accused of drug trafficking, it could be in your best interest to partner with a legal representative who could help you overcome this challenging time in your life. Reach out to a Chattanooga drug trafficking lawyer today for the help you need.

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