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Police and prosecutors take drug distribution charges seriously. These offenses carry with them not only heavy stigmas, but lasting legal consequences that could impact your future. However, the Constitution grants you rights that cannot be violated. When officers or courts do neglect your rights, you could have a viable defense against unlawful charges.

To start your defense, reach out to a Chattanooga drug distribution lawyer today. Experienced counsel could defend you in court while working toward a favorable outcome.

Why Is Drug Distribution Taken More Seriously Than Possession?

Drug distribution is taken more seriously because it is seen as a threat to public safety as opposed to drug possession, which is traditionally viewed as a danger only to oneself by using harmful, illegal narcotics. Drug possession laws in Tennessee are strictly enforced; medical marijuana is not available for any purpose, and drug distribution is a charge that could materialize when law enforcement thinks that the individual does not possess enough narcotics to qualify for a felony-level offense. The underlying facts and circumstances of an officer’s investigation and arrest determines if the individual is ultimately charged with possession or the more consequential drug distribution charge, which carries significant jail time and fines in Tennessee. If someone is charged, that alleged offender needs to consider a Chattanooga drug distribution lawyer for help.

What Aggravating Factors May Affect Drug Distribution Charges?

The aggravating factors that could increase the severity of a drug distribution charge are often the quantity of drugs and the other evidence discovered by the officer during their investigation. Items like plastic baggies, scales, and cash in addition to the drugs themselves could determine if the case develops from a much simpler possession charge into a felony drug distribution charge. The behavior of the individual during the arrest could also affect how far an officer goes with their investigation.

Individuals must be careful if faced with a drug investigation, whether it is at a traffic stop or in their home, to remain silent, not answer questions, and allow the officer to make their own conclusions about the situation in front of them. An individual who is under investigation and acting in a bizarre or anxious manner or makes admissions against their own interest may find themselves being more thoroughly investigated, which may lead to the discovery of additional evidence that might not have been seized had they remained silent.

Police are only human, and if they lose interest in an investigation, they would likely move on to the next case. It is imperative that individuals remain silent if they are under investigation for any sort of illegal drug activity.

The Public Opinion on Drug Distribution

The Tennessee Valley has empowered the Hamilton County District Attorney in conjunction with the Chattanooga Police and police forces in the surrounding area to crack down on the illegal distribution of opioids and other drugs in hopes of better protecting the community. The task forces involved in these investigations are often well-trained and thorough in how they crack down on drug distribution.

It is imperative that individuals contact an experienced drug distribution case lawyer who can assist them with finding a path to success, whether it is through constitutional defenses using the Fourth Amendment or challenging the idea of reasonable doubt on the individual’s alleged attempts to distribute drugs to the community. A reasonable resolution is attainable in almost all cases with the help of a Chattanooga drug distribution lawyer.

Potential Constitutional Issues

In drug cases, whether they involve distribution, trafficking, or mere possession, the Fourth Amendment is the greatest defense against convictions. Many police officers do not understand what might qualify as an unreasonable search and seizure, often powering through a case without a search warrant in hopes of obtaining a quick admission that will lead to a conviction. When properly raised, Fourth Amendment defenses from unreasonable searches and seizures could eliminate evidence in what seemed like an otherwise hopeless case. Having an attorney who is experienced in raising these challenges, conducting these hearings, and persuading a judge that a constitutional violation has occurred is essential in order to obtain the most favorable outcome in a drug distribution case.

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Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you could have a viable defense against the charges the state has brought against you. With the help of a Chattanooga drug distribution lawyer, you could mitigate the charges or work toward resolving your case in a favorable outcome. Start your defense today.

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