Ringgold Criminal Lawyer

Fighting back against allegations of criminal behavior requires both diligence and skill. While a public defender could certainly provide both of these to any person facing criminal charges, hiring a Ringgold criminal lawyer could provide an essential advantage.

A Ringgold criminal lawyer could dedicate the time and resources needed to provide the best chance for a positive outcome. From an initial arrest and arraignment, to gathering vital evidence, to making arguments in court, a criminal defense attorney could stand by the side of defendants every step of the way.

What to Expect When Facing Criminal Charges

Every criminal case in Ringgold follows a specific procedure. A criminal case always begins with an arrest. However, this does not mean that a police officer would take an alleged offender into custody. Many minor misdemeanors, such as driving on a suspended license or petty theft, may result in a release with a summons to appear in court. In the case of more serious misdemeanors or felonies, the police may take a person to jail to await arraignment.

A defendant’s first appearance in court is called an arraignment. Here, the court formally enters the charges into the record and sets bail. Depending on whether a defendant is able to make bail via cash or bond, they may be able to see out the conclusion of their case at home.

The court would next hold a series of pre-trial sessions that serve as a chance for the two sides to exchange evidence and to answer key legal questions leading up to a trial. There may be as few as one pre-trial session for simpler cases or multiple for complex felonies.

Finally, after all the legal questions have reached a conclusion, and all the evidence is exchanged, the court would hold a trial. However, many cases do not get to this point either due to a plea deal or dismissal of charges. A Ringgold criminal law lawyer could provide more information about the criminal court process.

How a Ringgold Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help to Protect Peoples’ Rights

Just as a criminal law attorney could provide more information about criminal procedures, they could also help to guide defendants through every stage of their cases. During an arraignment, a defense lawyer could argue for fair bail terms that reflect a person’s likelihood to appear for future hearings.

A surprisingly important part of a criminal case is the pre-trial hearings. During these sessions, many cases are won or lost depending on what evidence a judge allows to appear at a future trial. For example, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §17-5-21 says that a search warrant is only valid if a police officer offers probable cause of the presence of evidence at that location. An effective defense attorney could argue that this probable cause did not exist and that the fruits of any search should not be present at trial.

Finally, a Ringgold criminal lawyer could help to make convincing arguments at trials. Every defendant has the right to a trial, to cross-examine any state witnesses, and to speak in their own defense. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, a lawyer could help to develop a strategy to create reasonable doubt at a trial.

A Ringgold Criminal Defense Attorney May be Able to Help

Misdemeanor and felony defense lawyers help to protect the rights of alleged offenders. This includes working to exclude illegal evidence before a trial, arguing for fair bail terms, and presenting convincing defenses at trial. If you are facing any kind of criminal accusation, you need to act quickly to protect your future.

A conviction for even a misdemeanor-level offense could have life-changing consequences. A finding of guilty could require you to pay a fine, creates a criminal record, or could require you to spend time in jail. Felony accusations often carry mandatory minimum sentences and follow you for the rest of your life.

Contact a Ringgold criminal law attorney today to schedule a consultation. By working together, an attorney could strive to protect your rights and to give you a better chance for a bright future.

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