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Almost everyone counts their family relationships as among the most important in their life. For many people, nothing is more important than family. Contested family law cases are among the most challenging legal matters that individuals could face. These legal disputes sometimes involve issues where dispositions impact the lives of families significantly.

When families have problems that require legal solutions, a Chattanooga family lawyer has the skills and compassion to provide effective counsel. Working with a seasoned attorney can ease the stress of difficult personal matters and help you reach a resolution that meets your goals.

Matters that Require Family Law Advice

Matters that Require Family Law Advice

Family law is a broad area of the law that encompasses many different court actions that relate to individuals, their families, and their finances. Our Chattanooga family lawyers often work on issues related to marriage and divorce.

Marital Agreements: When couples are considering marriage, developing a prenuptial agreement (prenup) is often a wise step. The partners must make a full disclosure of their assets and debts, which can help them set reasonable financial expectations for their marriage.

Separation Agreements: In some circumstances a couple, or one spouse, seeks to end a marriage but divorce is not an option for religious or financial reasons. Sometimes one or both spouses believe the marriage is reparable, but they need some time apart.

Divorce: In the state of Tennessee, a couple must have legal grounds to divorce. The state offers two no-fault grounds—irreconcilable differences and separation for at least two years with no minor children. If the couple agrees on all relevant issues—such as child custody and support, property division, and alimony—a court will allow a divorce to proceed on no-fault grounds.

Other Reasons to Consult a Family Attorney

Other Reasons to Consult a Family Attorney

Not all family law matters involve marriage and divorce. Issues related to children comprise an important part of a family attorney’s practice in Chattanooga.

For example, many families grow their families through adoption. Although the result is joyous, the process is complicated and often stressful. Stepparents and LGBTQ individuals might wish to adopt their partner’s child. Although less complicated than adopting an unknown child, these adoptions require attention to the legal details to ensure that both parents establish parental rights.

Family law cases may also involve domestic violence or allegations of child abuse. These cases are often highly emotional, time-intensive, and place a great deal of stress on all parties involved. For many people, legal disputes related to their children may be more vital than any other type of legal case. Whether individuals are seeking to establish or modify court orders about their children, they are likely to benefit from representation by skilled family lawyers in Chattanooga.

What Our Clients Say

Allen Yates is not only professional, but kind, and compassionate towards the needs of his clients. My husband and I hired Allen with court dates looming the next week. He jumped right in and began to fight for us. He was always available to answer any questions for us. We came out winners because of his hard work, and dedication of helping others.

- Jerry & Robin
Jerry & Robin

I highly recommend this firm for your legal needs. Mr. Yates is outstanding in his communication with clients and potential clients alike. He gave me solid, realistic advice, based on his vast amount of experience with criminal defense. Do not sell yourself short, hire this firm for your defense needs. He will work with you!

- Brandi

Through a difficult and grueling case with alot of twists and turns, in the end he fought very hard and delivered a victory for the good guys. Hooray!!!

- Christopher

I can’t thank Charlie and his team enough for assisting me through a very difficult process and leading us to our desired outcome. As for the review calling out how busy his office can be, I think you’ll find that to be the case with just about any great lawyer in Chattanooga. Rest assured; when it’s crunch time, Charlie will absolutely be there.

- Corey

Allen Yates is absolutely phenomenal with his clients in regarding the case he has had to do. He has such a huge heart, kindness, caring and thoughtfulness way beyond just being your typical lawyer. I made the right decision when chose him to represent me.

- Jasmina
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Trust a Chattanooga Family Attorney to Handle Your Legal Issues

When you consult a legal professional about a family matter, you need more than just dry legal advice. You need an empathetic person who can handle your matter with compassion, dignity, and in appropriate moments, fierce advocacy.

A Chattanooga family lawyer understands the emotional magnitude of the issues you face and has the skills to help you resolve them. Reach out today to speak with a caring professional.

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