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Most people who are seeking the assistance of a lawyer are overwhelmed by their legal situation. They may be uncertain where to get help and what steps to take first. Whether you are facing a family law dispute or criminal charges, enlisting the help of Chattanooga family and criminal lawyers may be your best strategy.

Both criminal and family law cases are likely to cause you stress, high emotions, and concerns about your and your family’s future. The advice of family and criminal law attorneys could be instrumental in achieving the outcome that you desire in your court case.

Building a Defense to Criminal Charges

Building a Defense to Criminal Charges

For many individuals, criminal charges often invoke feelings of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about their futures. A criminal conviction of any kind has the potential to be highly damaging to the personal and professional lives of individuals.

Individuals also commonly face driving-related crimes, sex crimes, and other crimes involving property. While these criminal charges range widely in their severity, they create a permanent criminal record whose sanctions go far beyond the penalties that individuals may receive. In addition to probation, fines, loss of driving privileges, community service, alcohol or drug education courses, and incarceration, people are likely to suffer collateral consequences of a criminal conviction.

A criminal record makes it far more challenging to find a job, secure housing, borrow money, and pursue some careers. While a misdemeanor conviction may not have as significant an effect on the lives of individuals as a felony conviction, it is still harmful. A felony conviction, furthermore, may cause the loss of some civil rights, such as the right to possess firearms, hold public office, and vote. Getting the advice of family and criminal attorneys in Chattanooga in this situation may be highly beneficial.

Protecting Rights in Family Law Cases

Protecting Rights in Family Law Cases

Family law is a broad area of the law that encompasses many different court actions that relate to individuals, their families, and their finances. Issues related to children and the division of property and debts are among the most critical issues that commonly occur in family law cases.

Family law cases may also involve domestic violence, division of marital property and debts, and paternity. These cases are often highly emotional, time-intensive, and place a great deal of stress on all parties involved. For many people, legal disputes related to their children may be more vital than any other type of legal case.

However, contested family law cases are among the most challenging legal matters that individuals could face. These legal disputes sometimes involve issues where dispositions impact the lives of families significantly. Whether individuals are seeking to establish or modify court orders about their children, they are likely to benefit from representation by family and criminal lawyers in Chattanooga.

What Our Clients Say

Allen Yates is not only professional, but kind, and compassionate towards the needs of his clients. My husband and I hired Allen with court dates looming the next week. He jumped right in and began to fight for us. He was always available to answer any questions for us. We came out winners because of his hard work, and dedication of helping others.

- Jerry & Robin
Jerry & Robin

I highly recommend this firm for your legal needs. Mr. Yates is outstanding in his communication with clients and potential clients alike. He gave me solid, realistic advice, based on his vast amount of experience with criminal defense. Do not sell yourself short, hire this firm for your defense needs. He will work with you!

- Brandi

Through a difficult and grueling case with alot of twists and turns, in the end he fought very hard and delivered a victory for the good guys. Hooray!!!

- Christopher

I can’t thank Charlie and his team enough for assisting me through a very difficult process and leading us to our desired outcome. As for the review calling out how busy his office can be, I think you’ll find that to be the case with just about any great lawyer in Chattanooga. Rest assured; when it’s crunch time, Charlie will absolutely be there.

- Corey

Allen Yates is absolutely phenomenal with his clients in regarding the case he has had to do. He has such a huge heart, kindness, caring and thoughtfulness way beyond just being your typical lawyer. I made the right decision when chose him to represent me.

- Jasmina
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The pursuit of justice is the end goal in any legal proceeding, whether it involves reaching the best possible resolution in a criminal case or a family law matter. When you are facing any crucial legal issue, getting the advice and representation that you need could be critical to a favorable outcome in your case. Chattanooga family and criminal lawyers could answer your questions and calm your concerns while advocating on your behalf.

The consequences of failing to get the legal representation that you need could be devastating to you and your family. The stakes are high in both criminal and family law cases. Rather than taking your chances, relying on skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel may be the best means of achieving your objectives in your case.

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