Consequences of a Chattanooga Drug Conviction

The consequences of a Chattanooga drug conviction do not always end with a potential prison sentence. What many people fail to recognize is that often the greatest consequence of a conviction is the life long effect on your economic opportunities. Do not let this happen. Call a legal professional and set a series of goals for your case. There is a way through to success.

The Severity of Some Drugs Over Others

Certain drug charges in Chattanooga are seen as far more harmful the general public. Most people are aware of the heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine epidemics in this country. Society sees these drugs as far more harmful to public good than others and criminal charges for illegally possessing these narcotics are treated accordingly. Chattanooga courts often dole out sentences in the tens of years if an individual is charged and convicted with trafficking in large quantities of these substances.

While marijuana is moving closer to decriminalization throughout the country, it is still illegal to possess marijuana in the state of Tennessee. If someone possesses a drug with the intent to distribute, and even if they were only distributing marijuana, they could still face significant prison sentences even today.

Surprisingly, some of the other Schedule 1 drugs like LSD, psilocybin, or ecstasy simply do not carry as much of the prison risk as some of the more serious higher-profile Schedule 1 drugs like heroin and cocaine. The sentences associated with these drugs  are often associated with first-time offenders or youthful offenders that may have only come into contact with law for the first time and, as a result, some of the sentences handed down from some of these Schedule 1 drugs are significantly less than others.

A conviction for distributing pain management drugs, such as hydrocodone, Lortab, and Percocet, could bring harsh sentences. The opioid crisis today in Tennessee is raging just as it is everywhere else in the United States, and some of the punishments for trafficking and distributing these drugs are just as serious as those faced by the dealers in heroin or cocaine. However, users, dependents, and abusers of these drugs themselves are often afforded a path for alternative sentencing and treatment with the right legal help. The consequences of a Chattanooga drug conviction could be less severe depending on the circumstances of an alleged offender’s case and how the individual defendant’s case is presented to the judge, prosecutor, or jury.

With the right representation in Chattanooga, an individual can forge a path that leads to successfully beating addiction and oftentimes avoiding a conviction for those without a significant criminal history and significant risk of the intent to distribute these drugs. The right approach to representation can lead someone to a successful resolution of their challenging drug charge in Chattanooga.

Why Do Some Drugs Carry Harsher Penalties?

Various types of drugs are subject to harsher penalties, and many of the penalties associated with narcotics come down to how those drugs are perceived in the public domain during the time someone is arrested. It is often this political force that drives the prosecutorial treatment of drug possession crimes in Chattanooga.

The head prosecutor in Hamilton County, Tennessee, the District Attorney, is elected to do his job. The district attorney faces a political fight in each election cycle. Whatever the public perceives as important in terms of criminal offenses, the district attorney seeks to enforce strict punishments for individuals who have been charged and convicted of those crimes, so public perception is an enormous driver of how these crimes are treated.

How Does the Legal System Treat Drug Charges?

In cases that involve drugs that are medically approved but abused, Chattanooga has an excellent alternative treatment and sentencing program available to individuals who are facing addiction. Drug abuse is a scourge on Tennessee and it is something that is recognized as not necessarily criminal when it is for one’s own use and their own consumption when they are faced with drug charges. Finding a lawyer who could fully represent them to seek all options available to them in terms of defeating their charges and avoiding a conviction is integral to resolving their drug case in the most positive way possible. Not doing so could result in more serious consequences after a Chattanooga drug conviction.

Drug court, pretrial diversion, inpatient treatments, and first offender probation are just some of the available alternatives to incarceration, conviction, or criminal record that are available to individuals charged with drug crimes in Chattanooga.

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What many alleged offenders fail to recognize during an arrest is that drug convictions tend to have lasting consequences. In fact, the consequences of a Chattanooga drug conviction do not stop after a sentence has been served. In fact, many people find that the stigma of a drug charge easily enough affects their lives in the most adverse of ways. Do not let this happen to you. Work with a goal-oriented attorney today.

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