Building a Defense against Chattanooga Drug Charges

By building a defense against Chattanooga drug charges, attorneys could work to reduce or mitigate the impact of a conviction or fight the charges altogether. Often, constitutional rights are neglected by officers when searching and seizing. If you suspect that your rights were ignored, you should speak with a dedicated drug attorney who could advocate for you.

Benefits of Working with Experienced Counsel

One of the scariest parts of facing drug charges is the unknown consequences that may lie ahead. A lawyer gives the person insight as to where their case is headed and how to get the best possible resolution moving forward so the narcotics charges have little impact on the individual’s life in the present and future. An attorney could give alleged offenders peace of mind at an early point in the case. Additionally, contacting an attorney may prove critical in preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building the foundations of their defense from the beginning. It is a critical first step after an arrest for a drug charge in Tennessee.

Why Work with an Attorney?

Even experienced criminal defense lawyers faced with criminal charges do not represent themselves. A man who represents himself as an attorney could find himself lost in a legal field of which he is unfamiliar. A person should never represent themselves. They do not have the experience in dealing with district attorneys, police, judges, and the court system.

Any statements they make in the course of pretrial proceedings, negotiations, and appearances in court will be used against them. An attorney serves as a critical barrier between the state and the alleged offender in terms of communicating information about their case and protecting them from crucial missteps along the road to the conclusions of their charges.

Self-Representation for Drug Charges

Representing oneself is a dangerous game that is fraught with pitfalls and terrible consequences that is not worth the slight benefit a person might get in saving a few dollars on the cost of an experienced drug lawyer. If money is an issue and someone is unable to afford a lawyer, they could ask the judge to appoint a public defender to represent them. The court will examine their finances and determine whether they qualify under Tennessee law for an attorney who is paid by the taxpayers. The court appointed attorney works for the individual and has ethical responsibilities to them as the client.

A person should never represent themselves. They should consult with private counsel, which is often a consultation. When someone is unable to afford private counsel, they could request the services of a public defender.

Mitigating the Consequences of a Charge and Conviction

One of the first things a lawyer does is get to know the alleged offender, especially when that person is trying to lessen the chance of penalties or sentencing. The attorney verifies that person’s involvement in the community and identifies the composition of their family. They find out what the individual does to support their family to provide for themselves and their loved ones. The attorney establishes how the person charged is a contributing member of society and shows the prosecution and the judge that they deserve another chance when faced with drug charges.

Gathering the personal history of the alleged offender is a fantastic first step for an attorney to take when looking at damage mitigation in a drug charge. Humanizing the defendant to the court and the district attorney could make the difference between a harsh sentence and another opportunity to get things right and avoid stiff penalties for a drug charge.

Do Attorneys Look at Evidence When Building a Defense?

Attorneys also review evidentiary matters, constitutional issues, and investigative reports that contain key facts that might lessen the severity of the charges. This is often in the form of initial drugs being misidentified as a specific narcotic, when in fact the drugs were at a lower weight or another type of narcotic subject to less stringent punishment in a drug case.

There could be issues with the search and seizure of drugs in the car, the home, or on their person. An experienced attorney who handles narcotics charges in Chattanooga knows where to look and how to dissect each element of their case to give the client the greatest chance of minimizing the potential penalties and impact for a case in the long-term and in the short-term.

Continue Rebuking Chattanooga Drug Charges with a Lawyer’s Help

When building a defense against Chattanooga drug charges, attorneys look at the alleged offender as a whole person, not from the standpoint of an alleged mistake. With the right help, you could have your story heard and potentially have the consequences of your charges reduced. Reach out to an attorney today to start your defense effort.

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