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Any person who is facing an accusation of criminal activity is right to be concerned. The state criminal code defines dozens of misdemeanors and felonies where a conviction creates a criminal record and authorizes a court to sentence a person to a term in jail.

Thankfully, people who are facing criminal charges always have rights. These include the right to examine the evidence, call their own witnesses, and to confront any witness who presents evidence on behalf of the State. However, taking these steps is never easy, and people may wish to obtain help to protect their futures.

A Trenton criminal lawyer may be able to help. Criminal defense lawyers work to evaluate the strength of the State’s case, to identify realistic goals, and to fight for those goals in and out of court.

The Classes of Criminal Offenses in Trenton

The state’s criminal code separated criminal offenses into two main categories. The first is misdemeanors. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §17-10-3, a misdemeanor is any offense for which the maximum punishment may be a year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, or both. Examples of misdemeanor offenses include simple assaults, drug possession, and simple theft. A Trenton misdemeanor lawyer could help to explain misdemeanor offenses and the potential penalties.

The other class of criminal offense is felonies. These are offenses where a conviction could result in at least a year in prison, and the most serious crimes could lead a prosecutor to seek the death penalty. Examples of felonies include homicides, sexual assaults, thefts of high value, and distribution of illegal substances. Working with a Trenton felony lawyer could help people to build effective defenses against felony accusations.

The Role of a Trenton Criminal Law Lawyer

Every criminal charge in Trenton follows a specific procedural pattern. Every case progresses from arrest, to arraignment, to pretrial sessions, to a final trial. A Trenton criminal defense attorney could help during every stage of this process.

Even when a person is still in police custody, a criminal attorney could help protect them against aggressive police interrogation tactics. Once the case transfers to the courts, a defense attorney could argue for fair bail terms during an arraignment. Fair bail could help a person to await the resolution of their case from the comfort of home.

Criminal law attorney working to protect their clients against both felonies and misdemeanors do much of their work outside the courtroom. They aim to evaluate the strength of the State’s case as well as to discover any evidence that may help to promote an effective defense. Through the use of pretrial motions, a Trenton criminal law attorney could work to exclude evidence, to prohibit a witness from testifying, or to acquire a complete dismissal.

A criminal lawyer could also help a person to make a realistic assessment of their case. If an individual wishes to agree to a plea deal, a lawyer could help them negotiate with the prosecution for fair terms. However, the choice of how to proceed on a case is always in the hands of the defendant. A Trenton criminal defense attorney could always take the case to trial and let a jury decide on the merits of the charges.

A Trenton Criminal Defense Attorney Fights to Protect Peoples’ Freedoms

Every person who is facing a criminal charge in Trenton needs to take this matter seriously. A conviction for either a misdemeanor or a felony could result in serious consequences that affect every portion of their lives. Thankfully, every defendant has rights, and a Trenton criminal law lawyer could help to protect those rights.

From an initial arrest and arraignment, to pretrial evidentiary hearings, to a final trial, a Trenton criminal defense lawyer stands ready to help you. Attorneys could work to identify realistic goals for your case and to take the necessary steps to make those goals a reality. Every moment of delay allows the prosecutor to strengthen their case. Contact a Trenton defense lawyer immediately to let them get to work helping you.

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