Common Drug Crimes in Chattanooga

Among the many types of narcotics that someone could be arrested for, there are just as many common drug crimes in Chattanooga. While you may feel you are well-versed in your legal options, you may have unexplored avenues of legal recourse and defense. However, to understand all your options, you need to first connect with an experienced attorney.

Common Drug Related Offenses in Chattanooga

Chattanooga sees a wide variety of drug possession charges. It is a university town and an artery for commerce with a thriving community. There are two different major interstates, Interstate 75 and Interstate 24, that pass through Chattanooga. On top of the major roadways, Chattanooga is a major river hub along the Tennessee River. It is a vibrant, growing city with both urban and rural populations. All of these factors produce a diverse citizenship with a wide range of recreational interests. 

There is no one particular drug charge that dominates the dockets. Marijuana citations are still quite common because Tennessee has not legalized the drug as of 2019. Chattanooga does see a significant amount of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine cases. Other prescription drug abuse cases involving pain management drugs like Lortab, Percocet, and hydrocodone are seen in certain areas in town while drug charges in some of the urban communities revolve around cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin. In the more rural areas around Chattanooga, there is a wider use of methamphetamines and a higher incidence of methamphetamine arrests.

Among the many drug crimes in Chattanooga, marijuana in particular is a drug that knows no social barriers and bounds. It is a type of drug that brings charges that are often seen in any neighborhood during a traffic stop as a possible arrest.

Crackdowns on Recent Drug-Related Offenses

Drug-related offenses that Chattanooga law enforcement have been trying to crack down on involve heroin. The public perception and political influence from the district attorney’s office has led to an increase in prosecutions in response to the heroin epidemic. The opioid crisis is related to this and has seen a rise in prosecutions for these types of cases throughout Hamilton County. The Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office sees its role as an official partner in fighting the heroin and opioid crisis in the Tennessee Valley.

The district attorney’s office, along with Chattanooga police and other police agencies throughout Hamilton County, have created special drug task forces trained in identifying these narcotics and in response of common drug crimes in Chattanooga. This special division is trained in identifying individuals who are under the influence of drugs when they are behind the wheel or otherwise in a public place. These officers are also trained to search properly within the constitutional guidelines individuals who they suspect may be under the influence, in possession, or attempting to distribute narcotics that fall within this heroin and opioid epidemic.

Create a Defense with an Attorney

Common drug crimes in Chattanooga are not any different from any other growing American city. Fortunately, this also means that your charge and subsequent legal defense does not require any particular measures unique to your charge. However, a successful defense could only be possible with the help of an experienced attorney. You need to start your consultation as soon as possible following an arrest, and it is only one phone call away.

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