Avoiding Aggravating Factors for Chattanooga Drug Charges

When avoiding aggravating factors for Chattanooga drug charges, alleged offenders need only to utilize their constitutional rights to remain silent. The rest of the legal legwork could be left to an experienced drug attorney who could fight the allegations suspected individuals are facing.

Remaining Silent and Exercising Rights

When someone is charged with a drug-related offense, remaining silent during the investigation is the first and best thing they could do when facing a drug charge in Chattanooga. The next step is to comply with the officer’s requests and follow their instructions during the arrest process to avoid acquiring additional charges for obstruction of justice or other related charges if they fail to comply while they are under arrest.

When Can Arrested People Contact an Attorney?

After the individual remains silent and complies with the police officers, they may contact an attorney once they are allowed to do so. They may be unable to do this when they first arrive at the jailhouse. Contacting a loved one or a friend may be their only option when they get access to a telephone. Once the individual speaks to a friend or loved one, they should ask them to call an attorney as quickly as possible to get assistance and guidance. The attorney can secure the person’s release and begin to build their defense for a drug charge in Chattanooga.

Steps to Avoid Self-Incrimination and Harsher Sentencing

The number one rule to avoid self-incrimination or harsher sentencing is to remain silent. A person should not make any admission about the drugs, where they came from, who put them there, or their lack of knowledge as to the source of the drugs.

Should People Discuss Their Case with the Police?

The individual should not discuss the case with the police. The police officer is there to enforce the laws of the state, ensure the public safety, and is not a friend. Discussing one’s case with police or seeking advice from the officer does the individual no favors in the long run. That is not to say that they should take a hostile attitude to the investigating and arresting officers. The person needs to comply with the officer’s request, do as they say, and not fight back or try to be released.

There is a process in these situations and when one secures the assistance of an attorney. The lawyer could them help attain a bond or a bond might be set automatically and they could then be released in a reasonable amount of time. Often, it could be just a few hours or a day in jail before an individual is released.

In many drug cases, this is the only time a person faces incarceration and it is the first few hours to few days that they may be in jail. It is not a pleasant experience, but is one they are capable of getting through. Remaining calm and collecting their thoughts could help them survive the initial mental anguish that comes with an arrest. It is important to remain silent, comply with the police officers, and keep calm. These are three of the critical first steps to avoid self-incrimination or a harsher sentencing in the early minutes and hours of a drug charge in Chattanooga.

Avoid Escalating Factors for Chattanooga Drug Charges with a Lawyer’s Help

When avoiding aggravating factors for Chattanooga drug charges, attorneys often advise that people remain calm and understand that they police are there to enforce laws. This means that the peace officers are looking to gather evidence that could be used against alleged offenders later.

To avoid any mistakes that could prove costly alter on, choose to work with a dedicated legal professional today.

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