Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Offenses in Chattanooga

When charged with a drug offense of any kind, you may be feeling anxious and worried about your immediate future. However, we have collected some of the frequently asked questions about drug offenses in Chattanooga to help answer of the questions you may have regarding a potential case.

If you have been formally charged with a drug-related offense, be sure to get in touch with a trusted attorney today. A lawyer can take the time to learn more about your case and inform you of your legal options.

What Range of Charges Should a Person Expect when Charged with a Drug-related offense?

A person could face many different charges in Chattanooga in the context of a drug-related investigation. Traditionally, most people think of simple possession since they make up the vast majority of drug charges when someone has an illegal substance in their constructive possession that an officer discovers during an investigation, search, or seizure.

Other charges include possession with intent to distribute. These cases involve individuals in possession or constructive possession of larger quantities of narcotics. A smaller quantity of narcotics might be found with other supporting items such as scales, baggies, ties, and other paraphernalia intended to assist with the distribution of those drugs during the investigation.

Other less common charges associated with drug investigations include the charge of substitution of drugs in filling a prescription, inhaling, selling, or giving glue, tape, or gallons for multi purposes, and the sale, delivery, and distribution of a counterfeit controlled substance.

What Should a Someone Expect from a Drug Charge?

Almost all drug offenses result in the arrested person’s mug shot being taken and booked for the drug charge. This does not often happen immediately after the discovery of the controlled substance by law enforcement. Many times, law enforcement issues a citation for the person to appear for booking at a later date and time. It is important that they do not fail to comply with these written citations, or they may take additional criminal charges for failing to appear at the designated place and time.

Consulting with an attorney as soon as possible after a citation or arrest for drug possession or a related charge gives one the best opportunity to plan a course forward and set goals to minimize the impact of this unfortunate situation.

Who is Responsible for Administering Drug Charges?

The local Police Department is the primary enforcer of drug laws for the area. Chattanooga is a larger metropolitan area in Tennessee and is composed of many other municipalities. The nature of city’s placement on the state line between Tennessee and Georgia and its close proximity to Alabama means that some drug cases may involve Tennessee law as well as Alabama and Georgia code sections. Having an attorney who is licensed in Tennessee and Georgia who can address all aspects of a case is a key component when someone is faced with more complex situations that could result in charges in those states.

How Would a Drug Charge Initially Appear on a Person’s Record?

A drug charge on someone’s criminal history initially appears as an arrest without a conviction. They likely face a mugshot and booking process that publicly displays their picture following an arrest for a drug charge. However, it should be noted that a drug charge is not a conviction.

Mechanisms under Tennessee law give individuals the opportunity for second or third chances when faced with potential drug convictions. This means an individual might be able to eliminate harmful information from their record when their case is resolved. Experienced counsel gives them the best opportunity to avoid long-term societal and economic consequences that a drug arrest brings in Chattanooga.

Why Should You Hire a Chattanooga Drug Attorney?

Our firm has lawyers who are licensed in both Tennessee and Georgia who can assist a person in defending multi-state charges. Whether they are dealing with a sheriff department in Georgia or a municipality police force in Tennessee bringing charges against them, the individual can rely on us to help them sort through and navigate the charges they are facing and plot the best course forward.

If our collection of frequently asked questions about drug offenses in Chattanooga did not answer any of the questions you may have, feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss them.

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