Benefits to a Chattanooga Drug Lawyer

When facing the life-changing aspects of a drug charge, it is in your best interests to retain the services of experienced defense counsel. Attorneys familiar with how prosecutors work could help you beat your charges or work to mitigate the impact on any punishment you face. Even better, the benefits of a Chattanooga drug lawyer do not stop there. An attorney stands by you during this hard time in your life and gives you the peace of mind you need while you focus on recovery.

Local Laws and Defense Strategies

Local laws or practices that could affect drug crimes cases include the availability of alternative treatment programs. Exercising any and all options available to a client is something that a lawyer is crucial to helping to navigate local drug practices in Chattanooga.

Factors that help our clients charged in a drug case include:

  • The familiarity with the district attorney’s office here in Hamilton County
  • How the DA prosecutes a particular drug offense
  • What constitutional defenses may be available because of Chattanooga police officers’ illegal search and seizure of a vehicle or home
  • Knowledge of which judges could be pressed for non-negotiated plea deals in the face of a harsher recommendation of a particular district attorney
  • Experience

How Drug Offenses Are Treated in Chattanooga

Drug crimes in Chattanooga largely depend on the amount possessed, the legality of the drug, and the facts and circumstances that make up the intent of the individual who possessed the drugs. In Tennessee, possession of even a small amount of drugs may be considered simple possession. Simple possession is charged as a misdemeanor for a first-time offender, but repeat offenses of simple possession could lead to felony charges.

Are All Drug Offenses Treated the Same Under the Law?

Each level of misdemeanor possession offense includes different penalties. A first-time offender for simple possession faces up to a year in jail and a $250 fine. A second-time offender is still a misdemeanor but the penalties are slightly more severe and with the greatest long term consequence being that a conviction goes on your criminal record. A third offense for simple possession could lead to felony charges. Felony simple drug possession convictions carry far stiffer penalties and include one to six years of prison time as a potential consequence.

Most of the potential jail time is probated in the context of a simple possession case, but in certain circumstances, a judge may see fit to sentence someone to significant jail time because of the need to punish illegal conduct. One of the key benefits to a Chattanooga drug lawyer is the ability to fight charges and build a strong defense.

What Makes Drug Charges Intimidating

Drug charges are intimidating because certain drugs in significant amounts or the circumstances of one’s case and their particular history could lead them to be facing felony charges when they least expect it. Felony charges and even misdemeanor charges potentially lead to significant permanent consequences.

A conviction for a drug crime that stays on one’s record and shows up on background checks for the rest of their life has long-term economic consequences. A conviction may prevent job opportunities from materializing. It could affect educational opportunities and professional licensing opportunities moving forward.

Will I Lose My Job If I am Convicted?

If you are convicted of a drug crime in Chattanooga, certain professions may not continue to license you to work. For example, pharmacists face a potential suspension or revocation of their license for almost any drug offense.

Other medical professions such as doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other hospital personnel face significant consequences when it comes to drug arrests and convictions within their licensing boards. Furthermore, Educational opportunities may consider drug convictions in deciding whether or not to admit an individual into their student body.

A Chattanooga lawyer who is experienced and trained to exercise every option someone has available to them to avoid a conviction could avoid these lifelong economic and educational consequences. Beyond these consequences, people convicted of drug offenses face a negative social stigma in the community with family, friends, and colleagues.

Ensuring that you do not end their case with a conviction ensures that records of an arrest and mug shots have the chance to be expunged and removed from the public eye. Keeping the trail of information out of the hands of friends, family members, and other individuals who you may not wish to find out about the unfortunate run-in of a drug offense with the legal system.

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There are numerous benefits to a Chattanooga drug lawyer, but the first and foremost is that having someone on your side during this tough time is invaluable. Facing the legal system is no laughing matter, and the consequences of a conviction could impair your life indefinitely. Fortunately, there are legal professionals who could help build your defense, work with you through this hard time, and stand by you in court.

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