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Most people seeking a lawyer’s assistance are overwhelmed by their legal situation. They may be uncertain where to get help and what steps to take first. If you are facing criminal charges, enlisting the help of a Chattanooga criminal lawyer may be your best strategy.

Criminal cases are likely to cause you stress, high emotions, and concerns about your future. The advice of an experienced attorney could be instrumental in achieving the outcome you desire in your court case.

Consequences of Conviction on Criminal Charges

Our skilled criminal lawyers in Chattanooga work with people accused of driving-related crimes, sex crimes, criminal activity involving property, and other alleged offenses. While these criminal charges range widely in severity, they create a permanent criminal record with sanctions that go far beyond the penalties individuals may receive.

In addition to probation, fines, loss of driving privileges, community service, alcohol or drug education courses, and incarceration, people are likely to suffer collateral consequences of a criminal conviction. A conviction for a sex crime might require life-long registration as a sex offender. A criminal conviction of any kind has the potential to be highly damaging to the personal and professional lives of individuals.

A criminal record makes it far more challenging to find a job, secure housing, borrow money, and pursue some careers. While a misdemeanor conviction may not have as significant an effect on the lives of individuals as a felony conviction, it is still harmful. A felony conviction may cause the loss of some civil rights, such as the right to possess firearms, hold public office, and vote. Getting the advice of well-practiced criminal attorneys in Chattanooga in this situation may be highly beneficial.

How a Chattanooga Attorney Will Manage Your Case

No two criminal cases are alike. Each set of circumstances is unique, and a proactive Chattanooga attorney will develop a defense strategy based on the accused’s version of events and the specific evidence the prosecutor is using against the accused.

In many cases, violations of an accused’s civil rights form the basis for an effective defense. If the police did not follow correct procedures to the letter, it could be possible to suppress evidence, meaning the prosecutor cannot use it against the accused. In some cases, prosecutors might decline to move forward if they cannot use the evidence the police obtained illegally.

If police procedures were proper, a defense related to the specific crime could be advisable. Every crime has certain elements that a prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. The evidence for one or more elements might be flimsy, and if so, the defense could exploit the weakness by offering an alternative explanation that casts doubt on the prosecutor’s narrative.

Evaluate Appropriate Options

The goal is always to have charges against an accused dismissed or reduced. However, dismissal is not always viable. In some cases, it could be beneficial to investigate alternative sentencing options.

For example, Tennessee Code §40-35-313 establishes a judicial diversion program, which allows a judge to sentence certain first offenders to probation if they plead guilty. If the offender completes probation as ordered, the court erases the conviction from the offender’s record in a process called expungement.

Many people run into trouble with the law because of issues with drugs, alcohol, or mental health. Hamilton County offers a drug court recovery program and a mental health court. These options might provide invaluable assistance that allows an accused to regain control over their life and avoid legal trouble in the future. A qualified Chattanooga criminal defense attorney could explain whether one of these options might be appropriate in a specific case.

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The pursuit of justice is the end goal of any legal proceeding. When facing any crucial legal issue, getting the advice and representation that you need could be critical to a favorable outcome in your case. A Chattanooga criminal lawyer could answer your questions and calm your concerns while advocating on your behalf.

The consequences of failing to get the legal representation that you need could be devastating to you and your family. The stakes are high in criminal law cases. Rather than taking your chances, relying on skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel may be the best means of achieving your objectives in your case. Call today.

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