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Allen Yates is absolutely phenomenal with his clients in regarding the case he has had to do. He has such a huge heart, kindness, caring and thoughtfulness way beyond just being your typical lawyer. I made the right decision when chose him to represent me. I received the best results in court as the judge looked me and said, “You are really really lucky young lady!” Allen isn’t just in it for the money. He is there to actually help you in every possible way in relation to your particular case. Allen will do everything he can to make it the best outcome it can ever be for you. You cannot go wrong with that. Trust me! I am honored to have him as a lawyer. Thank you for everything Allen!!!

- Jasmina

Charlie is a fantastic lawyer to have on your side. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and thorough in his preparation, and he executes with skill and class in the courtroom. Charlie will walk you through every step of your case and come to the table with applicable case law ensuring all ducks are in a row before you ever see a judge. I can’t thank Charlie and his team enough for assisting me through a very difficult process and leading us to our desired outcome. As for the review calling out how busy his office can be, I think you’ll find that to be the case with just about any great lawyer in Chattanooga. Rest assured; when it’s crunch time, Charlie will absolutely be there.

- Corey

Through a difficult and grueling case with alot of twists and turns, in the end he fought very hard and delivered a victory for the good guys. Hooray!!!

- Christopher

This was a complicated adoption case, way more complicated than necessary. Charlie handled it along with all the complications that came with it. The outcome was in the best interest of everyone involved. He did a great job and I definitely recommend him.

- Gretchen

I highly recommend this firm for your legal needs. Mr. Yates is outstanding in his communication with clients and potential clients alike. He gave me solid, realistic advice, based on his vast amount of experience with criminal defense. Do not sell yourself short, hire this firm for your defense needs. He will work with you!

- Brandi

Allen Yates is not only professional, but kind, and compassionate towards the needs of his clients. My husband and I hired Allen with court dates looming the next week. He jumped right in and began to fight for us. He was always available to answer any questions for us. We came out winners because of his hard work, and dedication of helping others. We are so thankful and will highly recommend him to others. Thank you Allen for all that you have done for us.

- Jerry & Robin
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