Chattanooga Corporate Internal Investigations Lawyer

Companies and businesses are subject to federal and state regulations, law enforcement initiatives and shareholder activism to prevent white collar crime. A business’s executives, management, and employees must adhere to the applicable laws and corporate policies. A suspected violation of these laws and policies may lead to an internal investigation within the company to determine if any crime has been committed.

Internal investigations conducted by outside law firms or auditing agencies will often give a clear and comprehensive picture of the situation and offer protection to the company while unearthing the facts and circumstances that brought about the investigation.

It may be crucial for a corporation to utilize a separate, disinterested entity such as an experienced law firm to conduct an internal investigation. A Chattanooga corporate internal investigations lawyer could navigate your company’s investigation and help you make an informed decision to best proceed once the findings are complete.

White Collar Crimes that Warrant Internal Investigations

There are many different forms of misconduct which could lead to an internal investigation in a company. Some of the more common types of white-collar crimes include:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Securities fraud or tax fraud
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Employee fraud or embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • False statements or claims to government agencies

A skilled corporate internal investigations attorney in the area could explain the laws regarding various types of white collar offenses as well as determine if any were committed by actors within a corporation.

Factors in an Investigation

In an internal investigation, the investigator is tasked with gathering facts, documents, witness statements, and other information that’s necessary to determine if any wrongdoing occurred. By completing this research and presenting it persuasively to the board of directors or other decision makers, a corporate internal investigations lawyer could help a corporation move on from a white-collar crime scandal. A thorough and persuasive investigation could be the difference between a successful outcome and a prison sentence for the guilty individuals within a corporation.

Exactly how the investigation is conducted is left up to the investigator. They will determine whether the investigation is overt or covert and whether the results of the investigation should be disclosed to the government.

Witness Interviews

Initially, one of the most important factors in an internal investigation is witness interviews. This may start with a whistleblower or someone who rises up internal corporate issue to the board’s attention or upper level management. The investigator will determine the sequence of witness interviews, which people within the company to question, and what documents to examine prior to each interview. They will also decide what other experts may be necessary to gather and examine information to prepare for these interviews.

By taking these steps, the investigator can begin to build the framework of what happened within the company. A nearby corporate internal investigations lawyer could efficiently locate the root of a corporation’s issues and help them address any white-collar offenses they may have committed.

How a Chattanooga Corporate Internal Investigations Attorney Could Help

If your company is facing allegations of white-collar crime, a seasoned lawyer could lead an internal investigation into your company’s practices. A skilled Chattanooga corporate internal investigations lawyer  could gather and analyze appropriate evidence, help mitigate public damage, and create and present a comprehensive set of findings to the board. Legal advice may be crucial in achieving a successful outcome for your business. Call today to schedule a consultation and evaluate your options.

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