Chattanooga Fraud Lawyer

When you are the subject of a fraud investigation, the sooner you seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal attorney, the better. Even if the police have not formally charged you, your Constitutional rights are in play, and you should start building a defense. A skilled Chattanooga fraud lawyer could work with you to uncover all the facts, negotiate plea deals, prove your innocence if wrongly accused, and, if necessary, mount the most robust trial defense possible.

Understanding Fraud

Fraud occurs when an individual intentionally deceives another for personal advantage. Typically, fraud involves some financial gain for the perpetrator. Those accused of fraud in Chattanooga face steep penalties. They may need to pay restitution to the victim and fines, or face incarceration. The nature of the fraud and the extent of the damage done will determine the length of any prison sentence and how much restitution will be ordered.

Persons charged with fraud often have no experience with the criminal justice system, yet, because of the severity of the charges, the consequences could ruin someone’s life. Chattanooga fraud attorneys vigorously fight for each client to avoid a conviction and keep their clients out of jail.

Fraud – It Can Happen Anywhere

Authorities may file a charge for fraudulent behavior regarding:

Whatever the type of fraudulent behavior is alleged, economic crimes are complicated. These cases involve the careful review of vast numbers of documents to uncover facts that may prove a defendant’s innocence or establish a defense.

A trained legal team, including investigators and experts may be necessary to help a defendant navigate the complex legal process. Fraud defense attorneys in Chattanooga understand these demands and are prepared to review a client’s options and build a team dedicated to putting forth the best defense possible.

Fraud Can Be a Federal or State Crime

Some fraudulent behavior can be charged only under Tennessee law, other actions only under federal, while others may be deemed a crime in either jurisdiction. The statute that applies to a suspect’s situation determines the penalties assessed for any proven criminal activity.

Defending a case in state court is very different from federal court. It is not just the law governing the type of fraud that is different but also how federal and state courts operate as different rules may apply.

A person charged with fraud should hire a defense attorney in Chattanooga who regularly practices in their jurisdiction. The key to a successful defense may be the adeptness of the accused’s legal team, and it may be to a suspect’s advantage to rely on a Chattanooga defense team experienced in handling fraud crimes.

Chattanooga Fraud Attorneys Have Your Back

After being charged with fraud, your situation may seem grim. These cases are complex, but if you seek the assistance of a Chattanooga fraud lawyer you may be able to navigate the legal system more efficiently. To get started on building your defense against fraud charges in either state or federal court, call a lawyer right away and schedule a consultation.

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