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Family law practitioners offer sound legal counsel but also help you make forward-thinking decisions in times of great stress. Helping you move past your triggers and see the big picture is essential to a family attorney’s job.

Family lawyers also help people prepare for marriage and adopting a child. Preparing you to manage the legal and financial implications of such monumental occasions is the work of a capable attorney.

If you are considering marriage or divorce, adopting a child, or need to consider options to keep an elderly relative safe, enlist the help of a committed Red Bank family lawyer.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

When people marry, they tether their financial lives as well as their emotional lives. Candidly assessing each partner’s financial position before marriage and their financial expectations during the marriage could help the spouses prepare for their lives together. If the marriage ends, agreements the couple made before and during their marriage could ease the separation or divorce.

A pre-nuptial agreement could identify the assets the partners bring to the marriage and wish to keep separate. It could set forth how the couple will divide their marital property if the marriage ends prematurely and address whether either partner receives alimony. The couple could disclose their individual debts and decide whether the debts will remain personal to the partner or whether the couple will use marital assets to cover them.

A post-nuptial agreement covers similar topics, but couples usually make a post-nuptial agreement after the marriage, often when contemplating separation or divorce. Tennessee Code §36-3-501 states that such agreements are valid if they were not a result of coercion or duress. Working with a well-practiced Red Bank family attorney could ensure that the agreement is fair and both parties understand the contract’s legal and financial implications.

Separation and Divorce

A significant percentage of marriages end in separation or divorce. With good legal advice, spouses could emerge from a marriage ready to rebuild and thrive, and with relationships with children strong and intact.

Any divorce requires a lot of work, but a contested divorce requires even more. If a couple could agree on the issues central to untangling their legal relationship—such as: property division, alimony, child support, and child custody—they could be divorced at a relatively low cost in just a few months. An experienced family lawyer in Red Bank could help a couple negotiate the required agreements to obtain a no-fault divorce.

When the couple disagrees about any relevant issues, they must file for divorce on fault-based grounds. However, the couple could continue negotiating and hopefully reach agreement before the matter goes to trial. If the couple submits acceptable agreements to the court, a judge could grant a divorce without a trial. If not, the couple alleging misconduct must prove their grounds for divorce in a public trial.

Other Family Law Issues

Although marital issues make up a big part of family law practice, a legal professional working in the field could help with other issues that arise, such as:

Many family issues and disputes are amenable to mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. A knowledgeable legal professional could advise an individual during mediation to ensure they understand the implications of any agreement and do not inadvertently give up any rights.

However, not every situation is appropriate for mediation or negotiation, especially if there is a history of violence, addiction, or intimidation between the parties. Other situations call for resolution by court order. A proactive Red Bank family law attorney could use their litigation skills to forcefully advocate for the client’s best interests in the matter before the court.

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