Impact of Drug Charges in Chattanooga

Above all else, what cannot be understated is the impact of drug charges in Chattanooga. While a conviction has immediate and lasting consequences, a mere arrest may have equally lasting factors. Following an arrest, people often view you in a different light. Your life could forever be altered without ever having a chance to explain yourself. Instead of letting that happen, work with an attorney who could help you fight a charge and work to eliminate all information about your arrest, including your mugshot. Call a dedicated drug lawyer today to learn more about the impact of charges and how an attorney could help your situation.

How Does the Law View Drug Possession?

Drug possession is viewed seriously in Chattanooga, and the impact of drug charges cannot be understated. Drug offenses are the most commonly charged crime in the state of Tennessee. Last year alone, there were almost 50,000 drug arrests in the state of Tennessee.

Chattanooga, as one of the largest cities in the state of Tennessee, had a significant number of those drug arrests. Police know how to spot drug use and know how to spot a person under the influence of drugs. Officers are trained to intercept individuals who attempt to possess illegal drugs or traffic illegal narcotics.

The district attorney and police forces in Hamilton County work hand in hand on drug taskforces to seize drugs. Drug offenses are serious to these law enforcement officials and are treated accordingly.

Impactful Factors that Affect the Seriousness of a Charge

One of the main factors that goes into determining the seriousness of a drug possession charge in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the amount of the drug involved. A larger quantity may instantly lead to felony-level charges carrying significant potential time in jail.

The individuals who are found in possession of smaller, often seen as casual exchange or personal use levels, face simple possession charges which are treated as misdemeanors for first and second-time offenders, but even a first-time offense and a conviction from a first-time offense could be avoided with the right legal strategy and assistance from a lawyer.

It takes a fine-tooth comb to examine each case and the underlying facts and circumstances of a particular arrest, the quantities of drugs involved and the evaluation of an individual’s constitutional rights and how they may have been violated to determine if a conviction at any level is a significant threat.

An experienced lawyer could lead the way in eliminating far more significant consequences than they may face if they would have gone alone or gone without the right attorney to help them through their case.

Are the Penalties for Possession and Drug-Related Charges Severe?

The penalties for being caught possessing illegal drugs in Chattanooga are serious. Possession cases fall under different ranges based on the amount and the intent of the person possessing those drugs. Even small amounts in the right context could lead to more serious felony charges. Misdemeanor levels of possession, whether for personal or casual use, of most drugs is something that does not carry a significant penalty with respect to jail time, but a conviction even without jail time could have extreme economic consequences, so it is imperative to avoid even the smallest drug conviction in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In the context of small possession cases, there may be felony-level charges when the facts and circumstances give rise to probable cause to charge someone with trafficking, intent to distribute or manufacture of certain illegal substances. Individuals who may be found with small baggies or scales even when they have a small amount of marijuana or cocaine could be charged with possession with intent to distribute.

It is important to have an experienced lawyer who seeks to eliminate evidence from a case that may have been seized unconstitutionally or may simply not be admissible evidence in the context of the case. You should call a lawyer as early as possible following a drug arrest or drug charge in Chattanooga, Tennessee and learn what their options may be to avoid the significant consequences of a drug conviction in Tennessee.

Talk to a Chattanooga Lawyer About the Impact of Drug Charges

While no one plans to face an arrest, the impact of drug charges in Chattanooga remains the same. A charge, let alone a conviction, does not need to have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences that impair your ability to live a life you may have wanted. It is important that you see that this is not the end, however. With the help of a dedicated attorney, you could fight these charges. Call today for an initial consultation.

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