Chattanooga Drug Arrest Procedures

Anyone charged with a drug-related offense in the area has been through the Chattanooga drug arrest procedures. Whether you realized it or not, you still have legal options during and after this process. With the help of a drug attorney, you could start working to mitigate the consequences of an arrest or conviction.

What Are the Typical Arrest Procedures for Drug-Related Offenses?

Drug arrest procedures in Chattanooga depend on the seriousness of the drug charges someone faces. In many cases involving misdemeanor quantities of narcotics, officers issue a citation in Chattanooga, and the person later appears for an arrest. In some municipalities, the individual may be able to avoid an arrest if this is their first crime and they secure the assistance of an experienced drug lawyer at an early point following the issuance of a citation.

Some jurisdictions within Hamilton County mean unavoidable experience with the Hamilton County Jail for someone to turn themselves during the following weeks or months after the issuance of the citation.

In more complex cases or cases involving multiple crimes the person is likely arrested by the police officer at the scene. The officer takes the individual into custody at a jail in the Chattanooga area. Within 24 hours, they appear in front of a judge who may or may not set a bond depending on the severity of their charges. During this time, the individual should have the ability to make a phone call to a friend, a loved one, or a lawyer to assist with the procedural steps to secure their release in the early hours after being charged with a drug crime in Chattanooga.

The Potential for Mass Arrests

When multiple people are at the scene of a drug arrest, the likelihood that all of them are arrested depends on the officer investigating the potential drug crime. The officer may choose to only arrest one individual. When the officer believes that more than one person is involved in the drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing offense, they may seek an arrest warrant.
The location and quantity of the drugs as well as the type of drugs are factors that influence an officer making critical decisions about whom to arrest when investigating a drug crime. The important thing is to remain calm, comply with the officer, and keep silent.

When someone is arrested, they may be granted a bond in a drug case and there is a temporary imposition on them. When the person secures the help of an experienced drug lawyer, they may be able to minimize or eliminate the long-term consequences associated with a drug crime that involves more than one actor.

Why Might an Officer Choose Not to Arrest Someone at the Scene?

When an individual is a passenger in a vehicle and a small quantity of drugs is discovered near them, they might not be arrested. If one is a passenger in a vehicle and drugs are discovered in the trunk they might not be arrested if the owner of the vehicle is in the vehicle or operating the vehicle. If they are in a home when officers arrive to execute a search warrant and the police discover narcotics, the individual may not be arrested if it is not their home and the officers do not have evidence or other reasons to believe the person is involved with the drugs found during the search and seizure.

When someone is present during a drug investigation, staying silent minimizes the chances that they face an arrest when police officers are investigating someone else for a drug crime. By remaining silent, they drop off the officer’s radar as a potential suspect in the drug case. It is a crucial step in avoiding an arrest when one is in a situation in which they have nothing to do with a drug investigation and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Learn More About Chattanooga Drug Booking Processes from an Attorney

Chattanooga drug arrest procedures are enough to rattle almost anyone. That said, your arrest or citation does not mean you are out of options. You could still protect your future with the help of an experienced legal professional. Learn how an attorney could help you by reaching out today.

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