Trenton Student Defense Lawyer

Most students do not expect to need a lawyer when they are in college. Unfortunately, students can easily get in over their heads in certain situations and end up facing disciplinary action from the school. A Trenton student defense lawyer could help you through the school disciplinary process if you are accused of misconduct.

An attorney can help protect your future by prepping you for upcoming disciplinary proceedings. The attorney can tell you what to expect, how to conduct yourself, and help you prepare a statement in advance. If your school allows it, the attorney will also accompany you to any proceedings and fight to safeguard your rights. It is also beneficial to work with an attorney in the event criminal charges are filed against you after any disciplinary hearings from the educational institution.

Conduct Likely to Result in School Disciplinary Action

There are various behaviors that are likely to result in a school taking disciplinary action with a student. Many schools in Trenton have a student code of conduct to inform students of what type of conduct is expected. Such codes of conduct often also identify several prohibited actions, such as:

  • Cheating on an exam
  • Turning in plagiarized content
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Fighting (assault and battery)
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Vandalizing school property
  • Fraternity or sorority hazing
  • Stalking or sexual assault

These are just some examples of commonly prohibited behaviors. The actual code of conduct for a specific school will be much more detailed and comprehensive. An attorney who defends Trenton students accused of misconduct at their respective schools could review the school’s code of conduct and answer questions about it.

When a student is accused of misconduct, the usual course of action is for the school to investigate. A disciplinary hearing is often scheduled for the purpose of reviewing the allegations and hearing from the accused student. If a student is found guilty of the accusations, then the school could impose appropriate consequences such as suspension.

Potential Consequences of Trenton Student Misconduct

The chances that a student will be found guilty of misconduct during a school disciplinary hearing in Trenton are potentially higher than the possibility of being convicted on criminal charges. This is because schools have no constitutional mandate to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, as is the case in the criminal court system. It is critical to consult a student defense lawyer when faced with misconduct allegations as the consequences could permanently alter a student’s life but the burden of proof is much lower.

Schools in Trenton can impose various disciplinary actions and consequences for students ruled to be guilty of misconduct. The measures taken usually depend on the specific form of misconduct. Students could be fined for damaging or vandalizing school property, but they could also be facing discipline related to assault or sexual misconduct.

Other consequences of student misconduct could include being dropped from a course, having a scholarship revoked, or being banned from participating in school sports or other programs. Additionally, some situations could call for a school suspension or even expulsion.

Contact a Trenton Student Defense Attorney Right Away

Avoid leaving your academic career and future career to chance by facing a school disciplinary hearing unprepared. If you are found guilty of misconduct, the action taken by the school could adversely affect academic and professional opportunities down the road. Instead of handling the situation on your own, talk to a Trenton student defense lawyer who can help you prepare to address misconduct allegations.

An attorney could also provide essential legal representation if criminal charges are filed for the alleged misconduct. Call today to schedule an initial consultation for your case.

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