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It is easy to understand why mounting a powerful defense against drug charges in Ringgold is so important. Working with a Ringgold drug lawyer could help to preserve a person’s Constitutional rights and to challenge the admissibility of evidence. A Ringgold drug attorney could also help to evaluate the strength of a prosecutor’s case and to identify realistic goals moving forward.

Charges Based on Simple Possession

State laws prohibit the possession of certain substances. These include prescription medications without a doctor’s note, street drugs, and everything in between. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §16-13-30(c), any person who possesses a schedule I substance, or a narcotic schedule II substance is guilty of a felony. Similar laws prohibit the possession of any scheduled drug without a prescription. A Ringgold drug possession lawyer could provide more information about simple possession charges.

The laws also prohibit the possession of any amount of marijuana. While other states have decriminalized this act, or at least have suspended prosecutions, Ringgold police officers and prosecutors continue to make arrests and secure convictions. According to O.C.G.A. §16-13-30(j), having even a trace amount of marijuana in one’s possession is a felony. A Ringgold marijuana lawyer could help people facing these harsh charges.

What are the Penalties for Drug Offenses?

The penalties for drug possession are always serious, but the available penalties depend on two factors. The first is the identification of the substance. Certain narcotic drugs such as cocaine or heroin always bring the harshest penalties. Other substances, such as hallucinogens or prescription medications, still involve felony charges, but the maximum allowable sentence is lower.

The second factor in sentencing is the amount of the substance. The full table is too long to list here, but state laws increase the maximum sentences based upon the increasing quantities of drugs in a defendant’s possession. A Ringgold narcotics lawyer could provide more information about the state’s drug possession statutes.

How Do Drug Distribution Charges Differ?

The other major class of drug-related offenses is drug distribution. This involves selling, transferring, or otherwise giving a controlled substance to another person. The core version of this law, found in O.C.G.A. §16-13-30(d), requires a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years for a first conviction. Subsequent convictions increase this minimum term, with third offenses allowing a prosecutor to seek a life sentence.

The most serious form of drug distribution charge is trafficking. Trafficking charges apply when the amount of drugs in a person’s possession reaches a certain threshold. For example, O.C.G.A. §16-13-31(a) defines trafficking as having at least 28 grams of cocaine. A trafficking conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence of no less than ten years. A Ringgold narcotics attorney could help to defend people facing accusations of distributing illegal substances.

A Ringgold Drug Attorney Could Help People to Mount an Effective Defense

Drug charges are among the most common allegations in Ringgold’s courts. From cases involving simple possession, to those alleging distribution, to the most serious cases involving trafficking, a conviction for drug charges is always a serious matter.

Having even a trace amount of any drug in one’s possession is a felony offense that carries a mandatory one-year prison sentence. More serious offenses increase the mandatory minimum or even result in a life sentence. A Ringgold drug possession lawyer could help people facing any type of drug charge.

A Ringgold marijuana attorney could work to evaluate the legality of a search or an arrest. They could also help to scrutinize the chemical analysis in the case or to question the reliability of confidential informants. Contact a Ringgold drug lawyer today to discuss your options.

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