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Perjury is the crime of giving false information or lying while testifying under oath in a court of law. Perjury is a severe conviction that could result in a severe charge and sentence.

If you face perjury charges, it may be in your best interests to reach out to a Ringgold perjury lawyer with experience handling these types of cases. A guilty verdict could result in jail time, harsh fees, and a criminal conviction that will remain on your permanent record, but having a qualified criminal attorney could help your case.

What Counts as Perjury in Ringgold?

While most perjury cases involve people who make false statements when testifying in court, individuals may also be charged with the crime for making false statements on official documents.

If a person faces charges for falsifying a legal document such as a speeding ticket, they could face steep fines. Regardless of the type of perjury charge a person faces, they should retain a skilled lawyer as soon as possible to represent them in Ringgold courts.

Court Requirements for a Successful Perjury Conviction

For a successful conviction against the defendant, the state must prove three things. However, if the prosecutor cannot successfully prove all three of the court requirements for a sentence, a seasoned local attorney could potentially find a way to work with the state to reduce or drop the charges.

The three requirements of a perjury conviction are as follows:

  • The defendant provided false statements while under oath
  • The defendant knowingly and intentionally made the false statements
  • The false statements the defendant made were detrimental to the case’s outcome

State Law on Perjury and Penalties

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-10-70 states that a person commits perjury when they knowingly and purposely make a false and misleading statement material to the issue or point in question in a judicial proceeding.

If a court convicts a person of perjury, they could face up to $1000 in fines and a prison sentence of one to 10 years. They will also receive a felony on their permanent criminal record.

Additionally, if an individual commits perjury in court and the lie sends another defendant to prison, the perjurer may face a sentence of up to equal to the sentence the other person faced. If the defendant’s testimony were the cause of a person’s execution, they could face life in prison. Perjury can cause lifelong consequences, but an experienced attorney in Ringgold could defend the individual and their rights to avoid the more severe penalties.

Schedule an Appointment with a Ringgold Perjury Attorney

Every perjury charge is unique, and there is no standard solution to fit every case. Fortunately, a seasoned Ringgold perjury lawyer could take the time to investigate the specifications of your case and look for the best solution for your specific circumstance.

These cases can be very complicated and take time, patience, and experience to prepare. Call and schedule a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible to begin preparing for your defense.

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