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The DUI laws in Ringgold and around the state are among the most difficult to understand in the state’s criminal code. Not only do these laws prohibit driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, but they also outlaw the use of drugs while driving and even prohibit being drunk while riding a bicycle.

A conviction for a DUI is a serious matter. Even for first-time offenders, a conviction requires a court to impose a fine, to sentence a driver to a jail term, and to suspend the driver’s license for at least one year. However, working with a drunk driving attorney could help people to avoid these harsh penalties.

A Ringgold DWI lawyer understands that the State needs to prove to secure a DWI conviction. Attorneys could evaluate the officer’s reports and any scientific evidence to discover holes in the case and build a potent defense against these serious allegations.

How Does the Prosecution Approach a DUI Case?

The state’s statute concerning DUI is contained in The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-391. This statute says that it is against the law for any person to drive or be in control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two. In addition, this statute allows prosecutors to pursue a case based on scientific evidence of intoxication or as the product of an arresting officer’s observations. A drunk driving lawyer could help to provide more information concerning this complex law.

It is worth remembering that a person may face DUI charges even if the car was not moving. Merely being in the driver’s seat while drunk allows a person to have control over the vehicle under the meaning of the statute. Additionally, the DWI laws also apply to non-motor vehicles such as bicycles or skateboards. In short, if the vehicle is able to move, and a person is under the influence and controls that vehicle, the DUI laws apply. Working with a DUI defense lawyer in Trenton could help people to understand the intricacies of these laws.

What are the Possible Options for Mounting a Defense?

As with any type of criminal case, defendants have many options on how to proceed. A DWI attorney in Ringgold could evaluate the strength of a prosecutor’s case to give their opinion on how to proceed, but the ultimate choice is always the defendant’s.

One option is to seek entry into a diversion program. These programs vary on a court-by-court basis, but generally require a person to complete an alcohol education course and a term of community service. While the driver must bear the expense of these courses, the benefit is that a completed pretrial diversion program would see the court dismiss the charges. While not right or available for everyone, a DUI lawyer near Ringgold could inquire as to the availability of these programs.

Of course, a defendant also has the option of contesting the charges at trial. The prosecutor must always prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, and the nature of the evidence in the case allows for many opportunities to mount an effective defense. For example, a DUI lawyer could argue that there was not probable cause to make a traffic stop, that the scientific methods used to gather evidence were faulty, or that the officer’s observations were not sufficiently clear to justify the charges. A DUI defense attorney in Ringgold could help to promote a defense designed to protect the rights and freedoms of drivers.

Let a Ringgold DUI Attorney Take the Lead

When people search for a DUI lawyer near Ringgold, they need to keep many things in mind. They need to find a lawyer who understands the Ringgold DUI laws and how they apply to their case. They also need to find a drunk driving attorney who has their best interests in mind and who is not looking to dispose of the case as quickly as possible.

A Ringgold DUI defense attorney may be the answer you are looking for. An attorney could work to provide an honest evaluation of the strength of the prosecution’s case. Attorneys could also help to evaluate the legality of the police work that led to the arrest and to discover any holes that may arise during trial. Finally, a Ringgold DWI lawyer could help to identify your goals and to recommend a course of action.

Whether your goal is to seek pretrial diversion to avoid the stress of going to court or want to have a full trial to disprove the prosecutor’s claims, a drunk driving attorney in Ringgold could provide essential support. Contact a DWI lawyer today to learn more.

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