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A person’s time in college should be their opportunity for personal growth and increasing maturity. Even so, most students are between the ages of 18 and 22, and out on their own in the world for the first time in their lives.

Unfortunately, the criminal laws in Ringgold combine with the codes of conduct of local schools place the full burden of adulthood on these young people. They aim to hold students accountable for criminal acts and school violations that affect the wellbeing of others. As a result, students face the same potential penalties for alleged criminal behavior as other adults, as well as the potential for academic sanctions from their schools.

A Ringgold student defense lawyer could help on both fronts. A lawyer could help to protect a student’s rights in criminal court will providing appropriate advice for dealing with alleged school code violations.

Helping to Protect Students in Criminal Court

Many accusations of misconduct that come against students involve violations of the State’s criminal code. Because most students are over the age of 18, the law treats these people as adults. When combined with the fact that school security bodies have an obligation to report illegal conduct to local law enforcement, this can see many students facing criminal charges in local courthouses. Common criminal charges students face include:

Of course, students may also face accusations of more serious charges involving sexual abuse, burglary, or even homicide. A Ringgold student defense attorney could help to protect the rights of students in Ringgold criminal courts.

Students May Also Face Punishment from their Schools

Unfortunately for college and university students, the potential criminal penalties for a conviction may be the least of their worries. Every school requires its students to sign a code of conduct that has the potential to levy penalties for alleged violations. Almost always, a student who faces an arrest for alleged criminal behavior will also endure an investigation by the school’s relevant body.

Every school will have its own processes, but in general, they function to investigate and punish violations of the code of conduct. Schools may have the power to talk to witnesses, gather documentary evidence, and even to force the defendant to provide testimony. These schools may or may not allow an attorney to personally appear at disciplinary hearings. A finding of responsibility could see a forced change of residence, a rescission of the right to participate in extracurricular activities, a suspension, or even expulsion.

A Ringgold student defense attorney could help people to prepare defenses against these allegations. They can work to help students prepare for hearings, gather their own evidence concerning the alleged event, and appear in person when appropriate. Remember that a school is able to act without a conviction in criminal court. It is essential that students act quickly to protect their academic futures.

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Students who experience an arrest by local police need to keep in mind that this event could affect every part of their lives. Of course, a primary concern will be to defeat the allegations in court. However, it is also vital to remember that the mere appearance of wrongdoing could have significant academic consequences.

A Ringgold student defense lawyer could help to protect your rights in both areas.
They can serve as your criminal defense lawyer to fight back against the prosecutor’s case in court. At the same time, they can work to evaluate how your school is handling the allegation and to help you to develop a defense against code of conduct accusations. The outcome of either case will have a dramatic impact on your future. Let a local defense lawyer fight for you.

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