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Having to go through the arrest and trial process for something so relatively minor is nothing short of stressful for many people. If you were arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana, then you could benefit from help from our experienced possession attorneys. A Chattanooga marijuana possession lawyer could work to preserve your rights or appeal to the courts good graces for a favorable courtroom outcome.

Is Marijuana Treated Differently By the Law?

Marijuana is often in a class of its own when prosecutors consider punishing those who have been convicted of violating Tennessee marijuana laws. Prosecutors typically use a lighter hand when negotiating sentences or recommending sentences in plea negotiations after a conviction. Public perceptions of marijuana and its modality are evolving throughout the country. As elected officials, prosecutors are aware of this and adjusting their behavior as marijuana becomes more socially acceptable amongst their political base. Therefore, when punishing those for possessing small amounts of marijuana for a casual exchange or personal consumption, prosecutors could be quite lenient.

Someone involved in a larger scale operation growing marijuana, however, might not benefit from the same social changes in Chattanooga. Prosecutors often treat someone growing marijuana for manufacturing and distribution just as harshly as almost any drug dealer for more serious scheduled narcotics, like cocaine or methamphetamine. Prosecutors’ behavior is often influenced by public opinions, and the public’s opinion of marijuana is no different.

How Have Modern Perceptions of Marijuana Affected Criminal Law?

Nearby jurisdictions, such as those in Florida and Michigan, decriminalizing or legalizing possession of a specified amount of marijuana has affected how Chattanooga police, prosecutors, and judges perceive violations of Tennessee marijuana laws. The societal changes surrounding the use and acceptance of marijuana as a recreational drug are no different than those surrounding alcohol or medicinal marijuana.

The influence of other jurisdictions decriminalizing or legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana is a positive one for people facing such charges in Chattanooga; they may be in a better position to negotiate, avoid a conviction for possession of marijuana, and obtain the best possible resolution for their case. Many people and officials are recognizing that marijuana might not require the substance abuse treatment that is often necessary for people who battle addictions to more addictive substances, such as opioids, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

The legality in other jurisdictions does not change the fact that possession of marijuana is illegal under Tennessee law. An individual possessing marijuana in Chattanooga could still face criminal charges under current state law, which should not be taken lightly. A conviction could seriously affect someone’s employment and licensing opportunities, as well as their ability to move forward with their life. Individuals facing marijuana possession charges should consult with a marijuana possession attorney in Chattanooga who could advise them of the best path forward, even as public perception and laws surrounding marijuana evolve.

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Despite the ever-changing perceptions of marijuana, it does remain illegal in Tennessee. Because of this, and if you have been charged with a related offense, alleged offenders could use the help of a Chattanooga marijuana possession lawyer. Attorneys could rebuke the state’s charges or work to have your case dismissed if the situation allows. Call today.

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