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The brain serves as the hub for all the body’s functions. Damage to this vital organ can affect not just a person’s ability to think but can also jeopardize the rest of the body’s well-being. It is not unusual for a traumatic brain injury to result in paralysis, a loss of function in a limb, or a reduction in cognitive function. Whenever another party is at-fault for an incident that results in traumatic brain damage, they have the obligation under the law to provide monetary damages. This includes payments for medical bills, emotional traumas, and lost income. Even so, collecting this compensation is only possible if you can prove liability for an incident that resulted in an injury.

A Red Bank traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to help with this process. A committed catastrophic injury attorney can fully investigate the incident that led to a traumatic brain injury, gather evidence pointing to another party being at fault, and demand proper payments through settlement talks and trials.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

When medical professionals describe a traumatic brain injury, they talk about any impact that affects the health of a person’s brain. In data from the Mayo Clinic, these injuries are often the consequence of violent jolts to the head or direct contact with an object that causes the brain to collide with the inside of the skull.

Traumatic brain injuries can result from a varied series of events. Perhaps the most common are car accidents that can cause injuries ranging from concussions to permanent brain damage. However, traumatic brain injuries may also come about from:

A knowledgeable Red Bank traumatic brain injury attorney can provide more information about the concept of these incidents and work to build potent cases that place blame for an injury on another party.

It is important to recognize that the extent of a victim’s losses is never proof of fault. In fact, defendants may attempt to argue that a victim’s own carelessness was a major reason for their injuries. According to Tennessee Code Annotated § 20-1-119, defendants can raise a plaintiff’s own actions as a defense against liability. If a court believes a victim to carry 50 percent or more of the fault for an incident, it cannot award any compensation. Allowing an experienced legal professional to pursue the case could place the blame entirely on a negligent defendant.

A Claim for Compensation Must Evaluate the Impact of the Incident on Every Part of a Person’s Life

No matter how minor a traumatic brain injury may appear to be, it is essential that individuals immediately measure how that incident will impact their life. Seeking out prompt medical care can help to limit the potential of these incidents inflicting permanent damage and can assist people in helping connect symptoms to the actions of others.

A claim for compensation will demand payments for a variety of losses. At the center of the case will be a demand for reimbursement for all medical costs. This can include covering past medical bills as well as payments for estimated future care.

However, a person’s losses following a traumatic brain injury may last for months or years into the future. Because of this, it is essential to consider how the incident will affect one’s quality of life and future income. A comprehensive claim will demand payments for lost quality of life and an inability to return to work. A seasoned traumatic brain injury lawyer in Red Bank could help craft these demand packages.

Let a Red Bank Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Take the Lead in Your Case

Traumatic brain injuries can present with a variety of symptoms and challenges. These may require extensive medical treatment as well as force you to make major changes in your life. Such losses make you eligible to recover financial damages. However, this is only possible if you can prove that another party was at-fault for the incident that resulted in your brain damage.

A Red Bank traumatic brain injury lawyer is prepared to fight for you. This includes building powerful cases that prove another party’s negligence, measuring how the incident has impacted your life, and demanding appropriate compensation from all liable parties. There is a limited time under the law to seek these payments, so contact a Red Bank traumatic brain injury lawyer today to get started.

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