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Spinal cord injuries represent some of the most unfortunate outcomes that can result from accidents or attacks. Not only can these incidents result in direct injury to a person’s back or neck, but they may also result in nerve damage that jeopardizes one’s ability to control their arms or legs. It is also unfortunate that these injuries can occur under a variety of circumstances. Whether or not another party is legally liable for the resulting losses depends on whether an injured person can prove fault. This requires a thorough knowledge of the local law as well as the ability to gather medical evidence.

A Red Bank spinal cord injury lawyer is ready to fight for your case. A proactive catastrophic injury attorney could listen to your story, gather evidence indicating another party’s fault, explain the relevant laws, and seek out appropriate compensation every step of the way.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Potential Losses

Spinal cord injuries can occur as a consequence of many events. Any instance that places direct stress on the spinal cord can crush the vertebral bones in the back or neck, resulting in damage to the cord within. Even seemingly minor events of twisting or compression have the potential to harm this vital organ.

The results of these injuries can be extremely harsh. Because the spinal cord is a bundle of nerves, it is incapable of self-regeneration. Even modern medical treatments may not be able to restore a person to full functionality. As a result, spinal cord injuries that result in a loss of function or paralysis are often permanent.

Comprehensive claims for compensation must be sure to accurately measure the ways in which the incident has impacted a person’s life. Medical bills for all previous treatments fall under this category. In addition, injured individuals must estimate how much their future treatment will cost, how the injury has affected their ability to return to work, and any impact that the incident has had on their overall quality of life. A dedicated Red Bank spinal cord injury attorney could take the lead in demanding appropriate compensation after these losses.

Demonstrating Fault for Incidents that Result in Spinal Cord Injuries

There is no doubt that spinal cord injuries are serious events that have the potential to impact every part of an individual’s life. However, the extent of a person’s losses is never proof that another party was to blame for the incident. In every case, the burden lies on an injured person to prove that another party carried fault for their injury.

A simple example includes a car accident. All drivers take on a responsibility to protect others while behind the wheel. An injured person must demonstrate that another motorist’s violation of a traffic law or distracted driving led to the collision. Similar concepts apply to spinal cord injuries that result from slips and falls, medical malpractice, or defective product claims.

Another key concept to remember is the statute of limitations. This is a state law that determines how long a person has following an injury to demand payment for their losses. Under Tennessee Code Annotated § 28-3-104, this time limit is one year after the date of the accident in most cases. A diligent spinal cord injury lawyer in Red Bank could help injured individuals prove that another party was responsible for their damages within the legal timeframe.

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If you have endured spinal cord damage because of the actions of another person or company, you have the right to demand fair payments for your losses. This may include medical bills, emotional traumas, and lost income.

Even so, it is only possible to collect these payments if you can prove that another party was responsible for the incident and if you are able to connect that incident to your losses. A Red Bank spinal cord injury lawyer is prepared to assist you in both these areas. They could fight for the compensation that you deserve while you focus on making your best recovery. Call now.

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