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When people imagine the type of injuries that can have a permanent impact on their lives, they often think about amputations, paralysis, or brain damage. However, permanent injuries can also be the result of severe burns that affect many parts of the body. Treatment here may be able to stabilize a person’s health, but the impacted body parts may never regain their full functionality.

If someone else causes an accident that results in you suffering significant burn damage, you deserve compensation to set things right. However, proving fault can be difficult. In addition, it is necessary to connect the event to your past, present, and future experiences. A Red Bank burn injury lawyer is prepared to pursue your case with the necessary knowledge and passion. Your dedicated catastrophic injury attorney’s goal is to obtain the monetary damages that you deserve with minimal stress to you.

Categories of Burns and How They Impact a Demand for Compensation

Medical science separates burns into three classes of severity. The least serious are first-degree burns. Doctors here will likely prescribe pain medications and topical creams to limit the impact of these injuries. As a result, victims with first-degree burns will likely make a full recovery, although they may receive scars in the affected area.

Second-degree burns are more serious. The injuries here affect the tissue under the skin and may destroy nerves or muscles. Doctors treating these injuries may utilize intensive surgeries to implant skin grafts in an attempt to save the affected area’s future use.

Third-degree burns are the harshest versions of these injuries. They can affect the bone in the impacted area and may motivate a medical provider to amputate the injury site. Of course, this is impossible in many situations, and plastic surgery may be the only viable option.

Connecting a Burn to a Person’s Demand for Payment

The severity of a burn injury is never proof of fault for an incident; however, it can be an indicator of the amount of compensation that may follow from a lawsuit or insurance settlement.

A comprehensive case will examine the full impact of the event on a victim’s life. This includes medical costs, mental health concerns, and lost earnings. A seasoned Red Bank burn injury attorney recognizes the immense changes that severe burns can have on a person’s life. As a result, they aim to place an accurate value on a case and demand that all liable parties provide appropriate compensation.

How Burn Injuries May Occur

People who suffer severe injuries like burns must always prove that another person or company was responsible for the incident that caused their losses. As a result, it is important to recognize many of the common sources of burns and what a person must demonstrate to prove liability.

Traffic Accidents

Many burns are the result of car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Gas or oil may ignite into open flames, severely injuring people trapped in vehicles. For bikers, sliding along pavement after a collision can cause friction burns that are just as much a threat as flames.

Defective Products

The makers of consumer products always have an obligation to produce items safe for their intended use. Failures on items such as stoves, ovens, irons, or water heaters can place customers at undue risk of harm.

Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals or Radiation

A final source of burns is caustic substances. Especially for people spending time on industrial sites or at hospitals, exposure to these substances is an ever-present risk.

In each of these examples, it is vital to understand the state’s law concerning shared blame. Tennessee Code Annotated § 20-1-119 says that a court must examine the actions of all people involved in an accident and assign blame as it sees fit. If an injured person carries a portion of responsibility, the court must reduce its award by this portion. Furthermore, if the blame rises to 50 percent or more, the court cannot award any payments. A committed burn injury lawyer in Red Bank fights to prove that another person or company was solely responsible for the incident that caused such severe losses.

Contact a Red Bank Burn Injury Attorney Immediately

Every person or company that causes harm to another through negligence carries an obligation to provide fair compensation. These payments can cover a person’s medical bills, lost wages, and mental trauma. Still, the obligation to prove fault for an incident and that incident’s impact on your life remains yours. Seeking out legal help may be the best way to move forward.

Talk with a Red Bank burn injury lawyer today. They are ready to listen to your story, explain your rights, and take the lead in seeking out the monetary damages that you deserve. Schedule a consultation now to get started.

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