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Every personal injury that a person may endure after an accident or act of violence is a serious matter. However, even if these incidents require them to seek out emergency medical care, miss time at work, and make adjustments to their daily routines, most people will eventually make a full recovery.

The same is not true for the victims of catastrophic injuries. These are injuries from which you will never make a total recovery. They will impact your physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to support your family for the rest of your life.

If you suffered a life-altering injury in an accident caused by someone else, a Red Bank catastrophic injury lawyer could assist. A seasoned personal injury attorney is prepared to explain your legal rights, perform a full investigation into the incident, and seek out the fair payments that you deserve.

Possible Sources of Catastrophic Injuries

It is an unfortunate fact that catastrophic injuries can happen at almost any time and under a variety of circumstances. Something as simple as a slip and fall can result in life-altering injuries that require both swift and long-lasting medical attention. More common sources of catastrophic injuries in Red Bank include:

Each of these examples comes with its own legal causes of action where an injured person bears the burden of proving fault. A diligent Red Bank catastrophic injury attorney could take the lead in selecting this cause of action and obtaining the evidence needed to prove liability.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

While a catastrophic injury can occur at any time, they all have a permanent impact on a person’s present and future. These tend to be injuries that affect multiple parts of the body or the central nervous system.

Perhaps the most devastating example is injuries to the brain or spinal cord. Here, damage can impact not only these vital organs but also other key parts of the body. Catastrophic injuries often result in paralysis or dependency upon others for daily activities. Because of this, a demand for compensation must consider both past costs and future estimated needs.

Placing an Accurate Value on a Catastrophic Injury Case

The outcome of a personal injury lawsuit following a catastrophic event can impact a person’s finances for the rest of their life. Considering that these injuries will never fully heal, may require consistent medical treatment, and may jeopardize one’s ability to earn a living, receiving maximum compensation from at-fault parties is vital.

Hiring a skilled catastrophic injury lawyer in Red Bank to handle the case could be the best way to receive these payments. They work to not only prove liability for an incident but also to place an accurate estimated value on future losses that help to demand a proper compensation package.

Many of these cases can be extremely complex. It is likely that an individual is still feeling the effects of the injury and is working to bring stability into their life. Even so, Tennessee Code Unannotated § 28-3-104 creates a time limit of one year after the onset of an injury to demand payments. Therefore, it is essential to get to work on a case as quickly as possible—a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney in Red Bank could get started today.

Contact a Red Bank Catastrophic Injury Attorney Immediately

Suffering a catastrophic injury will impact every part of your life. Even if you manage to reach a stable physical state, the emotional trauma and economic realities of your new situation will force you to make major adjustments. Thankfully, if another person or company was responsible for the incident that resulted in your injury, you have the right to demand full and fair compensation.

Working with a Red Bank catastrophic injury lawyer may be the right choice for you. They will take care of all the details involved in proving fault for the incident and measuring your losses. Their goal is to bring you the best possible settlement or award with minimal stress. Call now to schedule an initial case review.

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