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Somewhat regularly, you may encounter something that makes you slip. Usually, you can adjust your posture and avoid completely falling down. Even when you do fall, most of the time, you can brush away the dust or dirt from your pants and move on. After most falls, the most serious harm that people suffer is a little embarrassment.

But what happens when a fall causes serious injuries? If your accident occurred while you were on someone else’s residential or business property, you might be eligible for financial compensation. A dedicated Red Bank slip and fall lawyer could help you figure out what path to take. If you are ready to discuss your legal options with a professional, get in touch with a seasoned injury attorney today.

Hazardous Property Conditions that Commonly Lead to Falls in Red Bank

Property owners owe a strong duty of care to people who visit their property. If a person is legally on someone’s property, they have a right to expect that the buildings and exterior lands will be reasonably safe and free of any risky or hazardous conditions.

Some of the most frequent conditions that lead to slip and fall accidents in Red Bank include:

  • Wet floors
  • Debris or objects that block a walkway or aisle
  • Ice on sidewalks, steps, or walkways
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Torn, frayed, or bunched up carpets
  • Protruding electrical cords
  • Unstable, broken, or missing handrails
  • Broken or slippery stairs or steps
  • Potholes or cracked pavement in parking lot or driveway

Property owners should inspect their buildings and grounds to ensure there are no dangerous conditions. If they identify any hazards that could cause a person to slip or trip, they should act quickly to fix the dangerous condition before someone could get hurt. If they cannot immediately fix the hazard, they need to put up a sign or somehow warn people of the potential risk.

If a property owner fails to fix a dangerous condition or warn visitors about a threat, that property owner could be liable for any injuries that a visitor suffers in a fall. A diligent Red Bank attorney could help a slip and fall survivor review the details of their fall to determine if they could be entitled to legal compensation.

Types of Injuries that May Occur After a Slip and Fall in Red Bank

People suffer all sorts of serious injuries when they fall. Putting their hands out to break their fall can lead to broken wrists and hands. Other times, people break other bones. While most broken bones do not usually lead to permanent impairments, they can impede a person’s mobility and affect their ability to work and participate in everyday activities for a long time.

Falls can also lead to internal injuries that can result in operations and lengthy hospital stays. A bad fall can also cause life-changing neck and back injuries, including paralysis. When a person hits their head hard in a fall, there is a possibility that they could develop a traumatic brain injury.

Regardless of the type of injury a person suffers, a committed slip and fall accident lawyer in Red Bank could work diligently to get an injured person the compensation they deserve.

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A bad fall can seriously alter your life. It might take you weeks or even months to recuperate from your injuries. In the worse of circumstances, that fall could cause fatal injuries.

If that fall occurred on someone else’s property, you might have legal recourse available to you. A Red Bank slip and fall lawyer could help you pursue justice for your losses. Call now to discuss your claim with an experienced legal professional.

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