Red Bank Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home residents are often some of the most vulnerable members of society. They deserve to live in comfort and dignity, especially when they reside in residential facilities. These nursing homes should provide them with the life they deserve, but sadly, that is not always the case. The unfortunate reality is that nursing home abuse is a constant issue in Red Bank and across the state.

If your loved one faced nursing home abuse, a skilled injury attorney might be able to help. A civil lawsuit could allow you and your family to seek justice not only from the perpetrator but also from the facility that allowed the abuse to happen. Reach out to a Red Bank nursing home lawyer as soon as possible for guidance.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Not all incidents of nursing home abuse are the same. Some leave physical injuries, while other acts of abuse leave scars below the surface. A seasoned Red Bank attorney could pursue legal action for any type of nursing home abuse.

Physical Abuse

Acts of physical abuse can take many forms, including striking or biting a nursing home resident. The unreasonable use of chemical or physical restraints can also constitute physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse in an assisted living facility occurs when a resident is subjected to treatment that causes fear, loneliness, or isolation. This could include anything from verbal abuse to the silent treatment.

Sexual Abuse

Nursing home residents often lack the ability to consent to sexual contact. Unfortunately, many residents are also unable to alert the authorities when abuse occurs. Any nonconsensual sexual act is a form of abuse.


Neglect occurs when nursing home staff fails to provide the basic necessary care for a resident. This could include withholding food, hygiene, or medicine, among other things.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse includes acts of fraud or theft targeting nursing home residents. This could involve something as simple as stealing a keepsake or as complex as altering a resident’s last will and testament.

Recoverable Damages for Victims

When a nursing home abuse or neglect claim is successful, there could be various types of compensation awarded. These damages are designed to compensate a nursing home resident for the physical, financial, and emotional trauma that comes with abuse. Some of the damages a diligent nursing home abuse or neglect lawyer in Red Bank could recover include:

Relocation Costs

An act of abuse is often the catalyst for relocating a resident to a different facility. Unfortunately, this process can be costly. A successful nursing home abuse case could recover compensation for the cost of securing new lodgings.

Medical Expenses

Abuse frequently requires substantial medical care. This is true for physical injuries but is also the case for emotional harm. From surgical procedures to counseling, a civil suit could pay for the treatment required by nursing home abuse.

Pain and Suffering

Financial recovery is often available for a resident’s physical pain and suffering. Acts of abuse and neglect can have lasting physical consequences that would not have occurred but for the abusive or negligent party’s actions. A court could award damages based on the severity of that pain and suffering.

Call a Red Bank Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Immediately

If your loved one suffered abuse in their time at a Red Bank nursing home, you have the right to pursue legal action. An attorney could help your family pursue justice in your loved one’s case.

Do not risk the outcome of your case by acting alone. Schedule a private meeting with a Red bank nursing home abuse lawyer today to review your case.

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