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Bike riding is becoming an increasingly popular activity in Red Bank, just as in other parts of the country. Riding a bicycle is an inexpensive way of getting around the city and a fun way to exercise while spending time outdoors. However, serious accidents can occur when bike riders use the same roads as motor vehicles, like cars and trucks.

If you are recovering from injuries or lost a family member in a bike crash, a Red Bank bicycle accident lawyer could help you seek justice. A dedicated personal injury attorney could help you file a civil claim against the party responsible for the collision and fight for the compensation you deserve to recover.

Potential Value of a Red Bank Bike Crash Case

All bicycle wreck cases are unique, which is why it is critical to work with a seasoned legal team that could carefully evaluate an accident and help a crash survivor estimate the value of a potential legal claim. A diligent Red Bank bicyclist injury attorney might investigate:

  • The amount of insurance carried by the car’s driver
  • The circumstances of the crash
  • Whether the injured party shares any blame for the collision
  • The severity of the bicyclist’s injuries, such as whether they are temporary or permanent
  • The cost of a bike rider’s economic losses, including their medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and lost wages
  • The non-economic effect of the injuries on the cyclist’s life, including their ability to function in life, work, participate in their hobbies, and maintain relationships with others

An experienced lawyer in Red Bank could examine these and other factors to help a bike crash survivor and their family determine whether it is in their best interests to pursue a legal claim.

What Happens if the Cyclist is Partly at Fault for the Accident?

Many times, more than one person is to blame for an accident. Sometimes, more than one car driver contributes to a crash. Other times, a negligent or reckless bike rider does something that causes them to share some of the blame for the collision, such as:

  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • Making an unsafe turn at an intersection
  • Riding on the wrong side of the street
  • Failing to observe other important rules of the road.

Fortunately, even if the injured bicyclist contributed to the accident, they might still be able to seek damages from the at-fault driver. Tennessee courts operate with a modified comparative negligence standard. Under this standard, courts assign a degree of fault to each party. As long as the bicyclist’s amount of responsibility is 49 percent or less, they might still be able to collect financial recovery for their losses from the negligent car driver.

A hardworking legal professional could fight back against insurance companies and defense attorneys in Red Bank who might try to shift the blame for the bike accident onto the cyclist.

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When motor vehicles strike bikes, bicyclists almost always suffer devastating injuries. The human body has no defenses built in to stand up to the impact of a car.

If a car struck or swiped you while you were riding your bike, you probably need help. A Red Bank bicycle accident lawyer could assist with holding the negligent car driver legally accountable for their mistakes. You could use the compensation from a legal claim to help gain access to the best medical care and support for your recovery. Call today to get started.

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