Safety Measures to Prevent Chattanooga Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can have fatal consequences for motorcyclists. This is mostly due to the structure, lack of protection that a motorcycle offers when compared to a car. However, there are steps that you can take as a cyclist, to avoid and prevent an accident from happening. If you want to know more about safety measures to prevent Chattanooga motorcycle accidents that you can put into practice, speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer today.

How Being an Experienced Rider Can Help

A more experienced rider is less likely to be involved in an accident because they have driven before, and know the rules of the road. Learning to ride a motorcycle in a controlled environment such as a parking lot will help someone be well prepared before actually getting out on the road.

Additionally, obtaining a Class M license to operate a motorcycle is something everyone is required by law to do before operating their motorcycle on the roads and highways of Tennessee. Preparation and practice are some of the best safety measures to prevent Chattanooga motorcycle accidents that a motorcyclist could take.

Ensuring Lights Work and Wearing Reflective Clothing

Other vital safety measures to prevent Chattanooga motorcycle accidents include a safety check every time a person rides to ensure that the brake lights and turn signals work. It is one of the first things a motorcyclist should do before getting their bike out on the roads and highways of Tennessee. A person will want to make sure they wear clothing that will bring other driver’s attention to a motorcyclist. Accidents often happen because the driver of the car simply does not see the motorcyclist because of their ineffective signals and lack of reflective clothing.

Necessity of Using Turn Signals and Not Hands as Signals

The number one rule for motorcyclists is to always remain in control of their bike, the ability to maneuver, stop, and start and go as necessary. If a person is unable to keep control of their bike because they are removing their hands from the handlebars, they should consider utilizing the motorcycle’s turn signals and keeping their hands in place.

Most automobile drivers are always looking for motorcyclists to use their turn signals, rather than their hands, because of the continuous nature and the familiarity of drivers with what turn signals mean. Also, automobile drivers may simply not understand what hand signals mean. Making sure their turn signals work properly so that other drivers are comfortable with which way the motorcyclist is going is important. It may be a habit for some motorcyclists to use their hand signals due to their natural upbringing. In such cases, it is wise to use the actual turn signals in addition to hand signals.

Importance of Wearing a Helmet

The most important of all of the safety measures to prevent Chattanooga motorcycle accidents is wearing a helmet. Not only is wearing a helmet vital because it ensures safety, it is also vital because it is legally mandated. Tennessee law requires that motorcycle operators wear federally approved helmets while riding on the roads and highways around Chattanooga. This is also common sense.

Traumatic brain injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes where individuals are not wearing helmets will certainly change their life. A helmet can easily prevent such injuries from occurring. Tennessee law enforcement strictly enforces the Tennessee helmet law to ensure that all riders are complying. This is both because they care about public safety, and also these law enforcement officials do not want to have the extra work caused by catastrophic injury following a motorcycle accident or vehicular homicide situation. Enforcing Tennessee helmet laws is a priority for the Chattanooga Police and Tennessee Highway Patrol here in Hamilton County.

Precautions Automobile Drivers Can Take

In discussions of safety measures to prevent Chattanooga motorcycle accidents, it is also important to discuss what automobile drivers can do. Automobile drivers can help prevent motorcycle accidents by looking twice before they drive. Looking twice slows a person down, and really does work to ensure that a driver is not going to harm someone else whether they are on a motorcycle, in another vehicle or a pedestrian. Reasonable driving at a speed within the speed limit while driving carefully can prevent an automobile driver from causing an accident and from seriously injuring or killing someone on a motorcycle. If an individual wants to know more about what they can do to avoid/prevent accidents, they should consult a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney that could help.

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