Health Insurance for Motorcycle Accidents in Chattanooga

Health insurance provides a huge safety net for motorcyclists in Tennessee following an accident. Health insurance can cover an individual’s expenses the very next day. However, know that someone will not be turned away at the emergency room if they do not possess insurance. An emergency room will admit an individual regardless of his or her current status regarding health insurance. Read on to learn more about health insurance for motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga, as well as the ways a dedicated injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

The Role of Insurance after an Accident

After a motorcycle accident, an individual’s initial visit to the emergency room after an injury will be covered regardless of one’s insurance status. The days and weeks that follow are when health insurance comes into play and can be an important asset to have. Many doctors and physicians will require that their patient has health insurance for motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga before seeing them to assure that their bills will be paid when they provide medical treatment. Those involved in accidents without insurance can run into difficulties in obtaining treatment.

In addition, health insurance companies are known to deny coverage when they believe that another party should pay, such as the insurance company of the driver at fault. Because these cases can get complicated, it is important to work with an attorney to ensure an individual receives a continuity of care following their accident regardless of their insurance status.

How Do Insurance Payments Work?

Health insurance companies work with providers on a free schedule that dictates the type of treatment a person receives. The treatment bills directly to the individual’s health insurance company, and the amount paid between the parties is sorted out at a later date after he or she has been treated. It is common for individuals to have co-pay amounts or deductible amounts that are due before insurance kicks in. It is important to have access to the additional funding to meet these bills as they become due. An attorney can help work with someone to ensure that they have the money they need at the time these bills become due following an accident.

Benefits of Carrying Insurance

The main benefit of health insurance for motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga is that it ensures an individual’s continuity of care. Health insurance helps to fill in the gaps when there is insufficient third-party coverage. Insufficient third-party coverage occurs when the driver who caused the accident does not have a significant enough insurance policy to cover the kind of treatment that the injured individual requires.

The minimum insurance coverage that someone is required to carry by law in Tennessee is $25,000. Health care costs today often can exceed minimum car insurance or motor vehicle insurance limits following an accident. An individual’s health insurance will kick in and help cover medical bills they incur that exceed those minimum amounts. Sometimes, the motorist at fault does not carry insurance. If an individual has uninsured motorist insurance (UIM), that can kick in to help cover some of their losses.

If you have additional questions about health insurance for motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga, consider reaching out to a professional injury attorney today for representation.

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