Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Chattanooga

When discussing motorcycle defects and recalls in Chattanooga in the context of an injury case, it involves talking about defective parts or designs by motorcycle manufacturers. Manufacturers have the responsibility to sell products that are safe, and that extends to all of the parts and components that make up a motorcycle. If manufacturers do not sell safe products, they will be held accountable for the injuries that result from those motorcycles. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about different motorcycle defects and recalls in Chattanooga, as well as the ways a skilled accident attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Manufacturing Problems

Motorcycle defects and recalls in Chattanooga can have potentially serious consequences for riders. Even a small defect in a motorcycle’s bike frame can lead to a catastrophic failure because of a structural collapse of the motorcycle. Motorcycle frames cannot withstand typical riding conditions when they have significant frame defects. When the frame has a defect, it is prone to crack and expose the frame to elements such as moisture. Moisture and metal create rust, and rust often causes a degradation of the structural integrity of the bike over a period of time.

Another common component of manufacturing defects in the motorcycle would include the engine. If an engine unexpectedly fails while riding, it can lead to a dangerous situation where a motorcycle is without the ability to exit from traffic. It can leave a motorcyclist stranded or lead to an accident where the motorcyclist loses control of the bike. Faulty tires are the most commonly experienced motorcycle defect in Chattanooga. When tires fail on a two-wheeled machine, all control is lost over the bike. It is very difficult for an operator to bring that bike to a safe stop no matter the situation, whether in traffic, on the open road, or even moving at a slow rate of speed.

Motorcycle Recalls

Vehicle manufacturers in the United States must make any defects public information when the manufacturer discovers the defect. In the United States, the primary database for disseminating defect and recall information is maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some flaws in motorcycles are not always readily apparent to manufacturers, but the defective parts may degrade over time and become dangerous.

Regular bike inspections can potentially help a rider spot an issue before they cause serious problems and can lead them to discover something that manufacturers or the NHTSA might not yet be aware of. Depending on the warranty covering a someone’s bike and whether the parts are officially recalled, they can often get parts replaced for free when a defect becomes part of a recall. For this reason, it can be important to reach out to an attorney knowledgeable about the different motorcycle defects and recalls in Chattanooga following a serious accident.

The Role of a Skilled Accident Attorney

While experiencing a motorcycle accident can be a traumatic event, know that you do not have to face its consequences alone. If you believe that your wreck was caused by potential motorcycle defects and recalls in Chattanooga, you may need to speak with an attorney about your legal options. Consider reaching out to an experienced injury lawyer today for your initial consultation.

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