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It is against the law in Chattanooga to drive a Vespa, moped, scooter, or motorcycle without wearing a helmet. However, if you were following safety regulations and were harmed by another motorist, you deserve to fight for compensation for what was taken from you.

A Chattanooga motor scooter accident lawyer can help you seek damages for the harm you may have suffered due to anothers’ negligence. A skilled motorcycle wreck attorney can help you investigate the cause of your collision.

Scooter Safety Requirements in Chattanooga

The helmet of a Vespa operator must comply with federal safety standards and be listed as such. A moped or scooter with an engine size of 50 ccs or less is restricted to certain areas within the State of Tennessee. Smaller-engine mopeds and scooters are not allowed into areas with speed limits higher than the moped or scooter is capable of going for safety reasons. This means that roads like interstates and highways with higher speed limits, like 50 miles an hour or greater, are off-limits to mopeds and scooters that cannot reach those speeds. It is a safety issue and wise to keep an underpowered moped or scooter off these roads in addition to being against the law.

Mopeds and scooters with engines bigger than 50 ccs must be registered and titled with a license plate in the State of Tennessee. Individuals must purchase insurance as if they were driving a car. It may be critical to speak with a lawyer in Chattanooga to better understand the risks of operating a motor scooter, especially if the individual was injured in a crash.

What are the Rules of the Road for Motor Scooter Operators?

Motor scooter laws are the same as regular traffic laws. A moped or scooter with less than 50 ccs is not required to be registered and titled, so an individual can avoid those expenses and insurance for these smaller mopeds and scooters. The Tennessee driver’s license must be valid if an individual is operating a scooter of any size engine.

If someone operates a scooter that is bigger than 50 ccs, they must take a class and license test to have a special motorcycle license. If an individual does not have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways, they may not operate a motorized scooter with an engine of 50 ccs or less in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Motor scooters with an engine of fewer than 50 ccs may be operated by anyone with a valid driver’s license on the roads around Chattanooga. Vespa operators still must obey the rules of the road no different than a person with a full, Class N motorcycle license and no different than a person operating a motor vehicle.

All traffic laws, lights, stop signs, rights of way, and other traffic laws must be observed and obeyed by someone operating a motor scooter with less than 50 ccs, because it is still a motorized vehicle on the road with other cars. An individual must wear a helmet and a Tennessee driver’s license.

Difference From Motorcycle Accidents

The key threshold in differentiating mopeds, Vespas, and motor scooters from motorcycles is the 50 cc engine size. This means that an engine of 50 ccs or smaller is not subject to the same requirements of motorcycles and scooters with heavier engines that are larger than 50 ccs. An individual is not subject to the insurance requirements. They should, however, contact a Chattanooga lawyer to learn more about motor scooter wrecks.

They are not subject to the licensure requirements of the larger bikes, having to take special classes and certification. They are not required to register and title the vehicle when they are smaller in size. However, an individual is not capable of going on certain roads in Tennessee when they have a smaller size.

Being aware of what type of vehicle one has before operating a moped or motor scooter on the roads of Tennessee is the first step in protecting themselves from injury and accident driving their moped on a roadway where it is underpowered or avoiding criminal charges for operating the moped in an unsafe manner or in a place where they are restricted from going.

Insurance Treatment of Motor Scooters

Many know that operators are required to wear a helmet when operating a moped or scooter, regardless of the engine size. Both types of vehicles require some form of Tennessee driver’s license. An individual cannot operate a motorcycle, small moped, or scooter if their driver’s license has been suspended, regardless of whether or not they have the Class N endorsement.

Insurance requirements are one of the biggest differences between the 50 cc threshold sizes of motorcycles. Insurance is required on motorcycles or scooters that have an engine size of over 50 cubic centimeters. They must be registered like any motorcycle. An individual must carry proof of insurance to provide to the officer in case they are pulled over.

The penalties for operating a scooter greater than 50 ccs are the same as operating an automobile or greater than 50 ccs; an individual can have their license suspended, face significant monetary fines, and be denied registration renewal of their larger-sized moped or scooter if they fail to carry insurance.

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