Reporting a Chattanooga Car Accident to the Police 

Following a motor vehicle collision, the scene can often be quite chaotic and stressful. However, even in the chaos, you must act quickly. This is because the steps you take after this incident can help keep you safe and ensure that your legal rights remain protected.

Reporting a Chattanooga car accident to the police is one of the most crucial steps, as it can help your injury claim if you choose to pursue one. Additionally, contacting a seasoned car wreck attorney can protect your legal rights and interests. You deserve justice for the harm you have endured, and our team could help you pursue it.

State Laws About Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents in Chattanooga

Under state reporting laws, individuals must report a car accident to law enforcement if any of the following occur:

  • An individual was harmed or killed in an accident
  • The crash caused $50 or more in property damage
  • The crash occurred in a location that requires reporting
  • The insurance policy mandates that the motorist notify the police after an accident

If the car collision caused a death or injury, resulted in more than $1500 in damage to the property, or more than $400 in damage to government property, individuals involved in the crash must also file a written accident report with the police. This report must be prepared and filed regardless of who was responsible for the collision and even if an officer created their own report.

Report the Crash Immediately

The first step in reporting a Chattanooga car crash is calling 911 immediately. This is the quickest way to notify the authorities about the collision and get the accident on record. Once the police arrive, they can investigate the incident and put their findings in their police report. If the injured party decides to pursue an injury claim, this report can provide critical information and evidence for the local attorney.

Reporting the Accident After the Fact

Depending on the accident, officers may not always come to the scene to file a police report. For instance, if a car collision is minor, the authorities may not show up. However, it is still important that those involved in the crash contact them and follow their instructions.

Filing a police report after leaving the scene of the crash requires detailed evidence, which is why individuals need to gather as much documentation from the accident scene as possible, including photos of the scene, witness contact information and statements, and names and information of each involved driver.

After Reporting a Chattanooga Car Accident to the Police, Contact an Experienced Attorney

After reporting your Chattanooga car accident to the police, you may still feel unsure of what to do next. However, you should not have to worry about proving your legal claim to obtain compensation for your injuries. When you retain a seasoned attorney, you do not have to take on this challenging legal battle alone.

Our legal team could help you obtain your police report, determine if you have a viable legal case, and help you pursue each of your legal options. We can take over the investigation process and go after the evidence necessary to prove fault and damages. You can focus on what matters most—your recovery. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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