Side-Impact Car Accidents in Chattanooga

A side-impact car collision, or a T-bone, is when one vehicle traveling in one direction crashes into another car traveling in a perpendicular direction. This type of accident generally involves devastating vehicle damage that totals the vehicle so that it is a complete loss.

If you sustained injuries in a T-bone crash, an automobile wreck attorney familiar with side-impact car accidents in Chattanooga could help you file a claim for damages. Having counsel with the knowledge and access to what the claim is worth may be necessary to reach the total value of your case.

Common Injuries in Side-Impact Car Accidents

Side-impact car accidents often result in catastrophic harm and even fatalities in some cases. Vehicles that absorb the impact typically take on the most significant property damage and personal injury, but the vehicles that hit the other vehicle may sustain just as much.

Many motorists sustain significant soft-tissue injuries to their neck, back, or lower body because of these collisions. Individuals may also face traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or skull contusions and lacerations following a T-bone vehicle wreck.

Injured individuals might not notice the initial effects and injuries that the side-impact car crash caused until hours or days after. The body deploys a host of defenses in the aftermath of catastrophic accidents that may mask the pain and symptoms of the effects of the impact. However, both motorists should always seek medical attention as soon as possible regardless of their level of injury.

Seeking Medical Attention

No matter the vehicle an individual is in, if they were involved in a side-impact collision, it is imperative to seek medical attention in the hours following an accident and all necessary treatment in the days and weeks after. Getting the physical therapy and medical treatment an injured person needs to recover will not only give ample evidence to help their injury claim, but it will also give them the best chance of recovering to their pre-accident health in the months or years that follow.

Where do T-Bone Car Collisions Happen in Chattanooga?

Some of the most common locations that T-bone car accidents occur in Chattanooga are the commercial centers and strip mall areas around town. These locations include the following:

  • Gunbarrel and Shallowford Road areas around Hamilton Place Mall,
  • Highway 153
  • Hixson Pike areas around the Northgate Mall
  • Strip centers of East Ridge,
  • Rossville Boulevard and others that have heavy traffic on a regular basis

Because these areas generally have heavy traffic, accidents are likely to occur more frequently than in places that do not. A local attorney could help an injured individual at any of these locations and others around Chattanooga.

An Attorney Can Assist You After Your Side-Impact Car Accident in Chattanooga

After sustaining injuries in a car crash, you may not know what steps to take first, especially if you are healing from your injuries. An experienced attorney could help you avoid mistakes that can lead to devaluing or the complete loss of the recovery you may be entitled to. Failure to act and attempting to handle your claim alone can also result in a complete bar of recovery after only a short period.

To raise your chances at a successful claim, schedule a consultation to help you determine your options. An attorney with experience in filing claims for side-impact car accidents in Chattanooga is standing by.

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