Common Effects of Side-Impact Collisions in Chattanooga

T-bone car crashes are some of the most devastating motor vehicles accidents—for both automobiles and the people inside of them. Common effects of side-impact collisions in Chattanooga include extensive damage to the vehicle(s), often resulting in a completely totaled car, as well as possibly catastrophic and life-changing harm to any injured individual(s).

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Vehicle Damage

The most obvious effect of a side-impact collision in Chattanooga is damage to one or both vehicles involved. Most of the time, at least one of the drivers will have significant property damage, which often results in an insurance company determining the vehicle to be a total loss. Damages are most common around the A- and B-pillars of the vehicle that is at the top of the T-bone. Damage to the car that is vertical part of the T will most often be to the front bumper area, typically resulting in a damaged radiator or engine.

The damage could also extend to the frame on either vehicle. Frame damage is one of the major indicators of a massive crash which results in significant bodily injury. Damage to the interior vehicle in these collisions may include airbag deployment, damage to the front driver or passenger seat, and destruction of the glass windows and windshields.

How Are Auto Damages Calculated?

Because of the extensive damage that often results from these types of accidents, insurance companies apply a formula to determine whether the vehicle is salvageable or if it is entirely totaled. The most commonly used formula is the one where the cost of repair and replacement of damaged parts totals an amount greater than 75 percent. Tennessee Code Annotated 55-3-211-9(a) asserts that when damage to a vehicle is equal to or more than 75 percent of the retail market value, it is a total loss. However, if the cost to bring the car back to a safe working, pre-accident condition is less than 75 percent, then it is considered salvageable.

The value of repair parts is determined by using the current published retail costs; or if there are no published costs, then the reasonable and customary prices in the community where the accident occurred. The labor costs are determined by the hourly labor rate and time allocations from a local auto repair shop.

Catastrophic Injuries

Unfortunately, another consequence of side-impact accidents in Chattanooga is catastrophic injury to one or more individuals involved. Catastrophic injuries have no technical legal definition, but they are widely recognized as any harm that causes permanent disfigurement or damage that prevents a person from living their day-to-day lives. This could include:

Because these kinds of injuries have life-altering effects on a person and their family, a comprehensive claim for compensation must examine all present and future losses that they have and will experience in the future. This includes both economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Medical bills and treatments
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • Accessibility updates to a home or vehicle
  • Lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost quality of life

During an initial consultation, a compassionate attorney could review all the possible damages an injured party could seek in their specific situation.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About the Common Consequences of T-Bone Wrecks in Chattanooga

If you or a family member were involved in T-bone accident, you probably have a lot on your plate. Common effects of side-impact collisions in Chattanooga consist of significant vehicle damage and severe injuries that could leave a person paralyzed for the rest of their life. If you are dealing with the aftermath of these consequences, you should not have to manage it all alone.

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