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Millions of Americans live with paralysis, and many of these individuals became paralyzed in catastrophic accidents that caused spinal cord damage, such as car accidents, physical labor, falls, sports accidents, and violence.

Paralytic injuries can incur significant medical costs, especially when the accident caused permanent physical damage. If you have been paralyzed after suffering severe spinal cord damage, a Chattanooga paralysis injury lawyer could help you seek compensation from the party whose negligence caused you to suffer.

Types of Paralysis

The severity of a person’s paralysis following an accident can be categorized by the number of limbs that are affected and the extent to which the spinal cord can no longer transmit nerve signals from the brain. Paralysis can also result from a traumatic brain injury, even if the spinal cord remains unaffected.

Based on the type of injury, a Chattanooga lawyer with experience representing individuals who have suffered paralytic injuries could determine the best course of action to pursue. Each type of paralysis has different symptoms, and their presentation can vary vastly by person.

Monoplegia and Hemiplegia

Monoplegia is the rarest form of paralysis and is limited to a single limb. Hemiplegia affects both limbs on one side of the body. They are most often caused by cerebral palsy, a type of brain injury or damage that can occur while a fetus is in utero, during birth, or shortly after birth, sometimes due to medical malpractice and doctor error. Symptoms include limpness or weakness, pain, and decreased sensation in one limb.


Paraplegia is paralysis of both legs and any physical region below the waist. It is most often caused by spinal cord injuries that prevent messages from traveling from the brain to nerves below the injury site. Common paraplegia symptoms include sexual dysfunction, bladder and bowel dysfunction, numbness, and the inability to walk.

Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia

Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is the most severe form of paralysis. It generally involves paralysis below the neck, including the torso and all four limbs. Spinal cord injuries are the most frequent cause. The higher the point of injury, the more extensive the damage. In addition to the symptoms of paraplegia, people with quadriplegia often also have difficulty sitting up or breathing unassisted.

Paralysis Injury Expenses

The expenses associated with accident-related paralysis injuries can vary widely based on the point in the spine at which the injury occurred and the level of neurological impairment. Generally, the year in which the damage occurs will be the most expensive, but medical costs generally will continue for as long as the paralysis persists.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that people living with paralysis incur the following costs:

  • Tetraplegia with damage at C4 or higher: $1,064,716 in the first year and $184,891 every subsequent year
  • Tetraplegia with damage at C5 to C8: $769,351 in the first year and $113,423 every subsequent year
  • Paraplegia: $518,904 in the first year and $68,739 every subsequent year
  • All other paralysis that causes incomplete motor function: $347,484 in the first year and $42,206 every subsequent year

As the necessary treatment for a paralysis injury is highly costly, it could be crucial to file a claim for financial compensation with the assistance of a Chattanooga attorney.

Let a Chattanooga Paralysis Injury Attorney Help You Recover Damages

If you wish to recover damages from the party who caused your paralysis, a Chattanooga paralysis injury lawyer could be an invaluable resource when building your case. A seasoned lawyer could help you assemble the evidence you need and adequately assess your damages to increase your chances of a successful lawsuit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your next steps.

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