Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Chattanooga

Accidents that occur because of distracted drivers are extremely common. Because these collisions can cause devastating injuries and even death, it is crucial to understand your legal options after an accident.

The state legislature has taken steps to reduce the number of distracted driving car accidents in Chattanooga, but they can still happen. Fortunately, if you were in a crash and sustained injuries, a dedicated car wreck attorney could help you protect yourself from insurance companies and fight on your behalf for compensation.

What Makes an Individual a Distracted Driver?

Distracted driving involves several activities that take the driver’s eyes off the road. Those activities include:

  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Talking to passengers
  • Loud music that diverts attention away from sirens, horns, et cetera
  • Searching for items dropped in the vehicle
  • Using a cell phone
  • Reading a GPS

The National Safety Council has stated that fatal distracted driving car crashes have increased since 2019, including collisions in Chattanooga. A significant percentage of those fatal accidents also involved cell phone use while driving.

Distracted Driving in Legislation

The State legislature passed a law effective July 1, 2019, making it illegal to drive while holding a handheld cell phone. Popularly known as a “hands-free law,” the law prohibits texting, holding a phone to the ear, using a phone for maps, or taking pictures or videos while driving. Law enforcement personnel and first responders are exempt from the hands-free law, as are utility company workers. Making an emergency call is also exempted.

However, if a resident of the state violates this law, they may face steep fines and points on their driving record. If an individual is caught violating the law while in a work zone or school zone, the penalties increase, especially if they cause an accident. This Chattanooga handheld law aims to save lives that are typically lost in distracted driving car accidents, and they should be taken seriously. If an individual caused an accident while violating this law, an experienced attorney could help the injured party seek compensation for the harm that was caused because of the crash.

Not All Cell Phone Use is Forbidden While Driving

Although there are strict laws regarding cell phone use for motorists, using a phone is not entirely prohibited. Drivers may use their cell phones for voice calls if they have an earpiece, headset, wrist device, or hands-free device with a single button for beginning and ending a conversation. The law also permits voice-to-text, as long as the driver does not physically hold the phone while doing so.

Get Help From an Attorney After Your Distracted Driving Car Accident in Chattanooga

If you sustained injuries because of a distracted driver, you do not have to fight for financial recovery alone. Our team could help you get the compensation you deserve and fight to hold the negligent parties responsible.

For help filing your claim, let an attorney familiar with distracted driving car accidents in Chattanooga assist you. Schedule a consultation today. Our dedicated and experienced team is standing by.

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