Bad Weather Car Accidents in Chattanooga

Chattanooga experiences varying weather conditions, from flash floods and heavy thunderstorms to tornadoes and hail. Roadways can go from dry to impassable in a matter of minutes. The city is surrounded by mountains on all sides, which greatly increases the potential for flash floods during heavy downpours. The roads can also accumulate significant ice and snow in the winter, creating hazards for drivers.

Motorists must account for dangerous weather conditions to keep themselves and others safe on the road. If you suffered a collision, reach out to a skilled attorney for help investigating the circumstances. A lawyer experienced in handling bad weather car accidents in Chattanooga could help determine who was at-fault and pursue damages on your behalf.

Hazardous Weather Conditions in the Chattanooga Area

Chattanooga drivers must be aware of the dangerous nature of local weather conditions to avoid catastrophic collisions with other motorists. The mountain areas can be especially hazardous due to the narrow two-lane roads and precipitous drop-offs around most of the turns. Between issues created by snow and ice, thunderstorms, flash floods, and heavy fog, Chattanooga experiences almost every weather-related complication for drivers.

Low Visibility Causing Traffic Accidents

Because of the mountainous regions and the Tennessee River, Chattanooga can experience a sudden onset of rain or snow that may decrease visibility for motorists. The interstates and roadways may have visibility as low as just 100 or 200 feet, creating situations where motorists are unable to stop as traffic quickly decelerates or comes to a halt in front of them.

In the interstates surrounding Chattanooga, there are many waterways that create the potential for heavy fog, especially in the early morning hours. Each season, our local car crash lawyers handle numerous wrecks involving low visibility weather conditions.

Evidence in Bad Weather Auto Collisions

Evidence in these types of cases could include the plaintiff’s own testimony about what they observed immediately before and after an accident. Pictures are also valuable forms of evidence in car collision cases, as well as weather reports and other documentation of the road conditions at the time of the crash. Cell phone video following an accident is also helpful and may be used to show storm clouds, water on the road, or the debris left by a flash flood.

A skilled attorney could help gather documentation of the weather conditions following a crash in Chattanooga. This is a crucial step in maximizing recovery for an injured victim.

Call a Chattanooga Lawyer for Inclement Weather Car Crashes

Weather is one of the components that come into play when evaluating a car accident case. An experienced lawyer knows how to review the circumstances by obtaining reports, hiring accident reconstructions, and interviewing witnesses and other drivers at the scene. This helps build the most comprehensive view of the facts that gave rise to the weather-related accident.

An attorney understands how to utilize this information in working toward maximum recovery for an injured victim. This could involve negotiating with insurance companies or filing a lawsuit and preparing for trial. After suffering a car crash in inclement weather, a victim should let a dedicated lawyer handle communications with auto insurers and health insurance providers. Contact Yates & Wheland today to learn more about bad weather car accidents in Chattanooga and discuss your legal options for recovery.

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