Avoiding Car Accidents in Chattanooga Storms

Weather conditions in Chattanooga can contribute to every kind of vehicular accident. Pileups are common in heavy fog, while rollovers often occur due to icy conditions in the winter. Heavy rain can lead to poor visibility, loss of control, and hydroplaning.

To avoid car accidents in Chattanooga storms, it is crucial to take various safety precautions before and while driving. If you are the victim of a weather-related crash, reach out to an experienced attorney to discuss next steps.

How to Avoid Crashes in Changing Road Conditions

Rapidly changing conditions can cause a loss of control or visibility for motorists in Chattanooga. Drivers should be aware of the changing feel of the steering wheel or the sudden onset of heavy fog ahead of them.

Using Car Lights in Stormy Weather

It is crucial to ensure that one’s headlights and taillights are functioning properly before getting on the road. Using lights can decrease the risk of collisions during rapid weather changes. Drivers who fail to use their headlights or taillights in inclement weather are more likely to be involved in head-on collisions, rear-endings, or side-swipe accidents, as they may not be visible to other motorists.

Decreasing Speed for Inclement Conditions

Drivers should decrease their speed when heavy rain or flash flooding occurs. Additionally, it may be necessary to find a safe place to park and wait out heavy storm conditions such as thunder, lightning, or hail. A motorist should find a safe exit into a parking lot or fuel station and wait for the storm to pass over.

Continuing at a slower speed may be the best option for drivers on the interstate, as it is dangerous to stop or pull over while on the highway. Drivers must respect the hazardous weather conditions to avoid crashes. If a motorist causes an accident in Chattanooga due to negligent driving during inclement weather, they may be found liable for the resulting damages.

Staying Safe on the Roadways in Bad Weather

The best safety advice when bad weather arises is to stay put. Getting behind the wheel during an adverse weather event in the Chattanooga area can be a dangerous game. The greatest way to avoid weather-related car crashes is to stay off the roadways.

Seasonal Vehicle Preparations

If a person must travel, they should make sure they are prepared. In heavy snow or ice, it may be necessary to have snow chains in the trunk of one’s car. Using a four-wheel drive, truck, or SUV can help reduce the risk of losing control in heavy snow or icy conditions. These vehicles can also be safer in rainy conditions, as they are better equipped for gripping the roadway.

Checking Tires

Drivers should periodically check the conditions of their tires to make sure that they have enough tread. This is key to avoid slipping or hydroplaning during stormy conditions with significant water on the roadways.

Safety Tips after a Weather-Related Accident

After an accident in extreme weather, a driver should get to safety if they are able to do so without further injuring themselves. A stopped car on a roadway may be struck by another vehicle, especially in conditions such as fog or heavy rain. Drivers and passengers should evaluate the situation to determine whether to pull off the road or remain inside the vehicle.

Once all parties are safe, they should call 911 and report the accident to the police. If they are safely able to do so, those involved in the bad weather accident could evaluate what happened and begin gathering evidence of the conditions leading up to the collision. This could involve:

  • Taking photos
  • Exchanging information with other motorists involved
  • Communicating their observations with the police

An experienced Chattanooga attorney could help gather this information after a car accident caused by stormy conditions.

Learn Tips for Avoiding Weather-Related Car Crashes in Chattanooga

There are many safe driving practices that can reduce your chances of weather-related collisions. Using headlights, adjusting your speed, and remaining vigilant are all effective ways of avoiding car accidents in Chattanooga storms.

However, some crashes are unavoidable, especially when other motorists fail to adjust their driving for the road conditions. If you or a loved one were injured in a weather-related crash, reach out to the attorneys at Yates & Wheland to discuss your situation and get legal help.

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