Recovering Damages for Chattanooga Weather-Related Accidents

Bad weather is one of many factors in determining the cause of a car accident and assigning fault. Weather conditions may decrease or eliminate a person’s liability if it was an unavoidable situation. On the other hand, failure to respect inclement weather and appropriately respond to the dangerous conditions could lead to legal responsibility for an accident. For instance, driving at a reckless speed during heavy rain, snow, ice, or fog will likely lead to liability for an ensuing crash.

Every case has unique facts and circumstances, making it crucial to work with an experienced attorney. A lawyer could help with recovering damages for Chattanooga weather-related accidents and provide the legal support you deserve.

Assigning Fault for Dangerous Road Conditions

Even if another car is not involved in actual contact during a crash, that vehicle could still be involved in causing the accident. To recover damages after a bad weather crash, an attorney will seek to understand the behavior of the other drivers on the road. Another motorist may have made an unsafe maneuver for the road conditions, causing the victim to crash their vehicle.

Insurance for Weather-Related Crashes

Without an actual person to file suit against, a car crash victim could still file suit and recover from their own uninsured motorist coverage. This is similar to a hit-and-run case involving an unknown driver. In these scenarios, a skilled attorney could develop a theory of the case about the fault of the unknown driver and what behaviors they engaged in that caused the victim to crash.

It is imperative for drivers to carry medical payment coverage on their automobile policy, as well as have sound coverage through a health insurance plan. This helps ensure that a person receives the treatment they need after a weather-related car crash.

Recoverable Damages in Bad Weather Crashes

After a bad weather accident, individuals may seek recovery for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. A spouse may seek recovery for the loss of consortium or companionship from their injured partner.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Those who have experienced trauma and loss as a result of a bad weather accident should try to record their thoughts and experiences in a journal during the recovery process. This account can help refresh a victim’s memory when telling their story to the insurance companies, judges, and jurors.

Medical Bill Reimbursement

Bills for all necessary medical treatment caused by the accident are recoverable. Medical bills can be significant after these types of crashes, making it crucial for victims of bad weather accidents to pursue financial recovery with help from a Chattanooga attorney.

Recovery for Lost Wages

A victim may recover wages for time missed at work during the healing process. Generally, it is best to have a doctor order time off from work due to car accident injuries. Most doctors will issue a note for at least a week of rest after a collision, although more extended time off from work may require further medical consultation and documentation.

One should never simply assume that they cannot work and hope to recover the lost wages later. Insurance companies will fight hard to keep their money related to lost wages if the time away from work is not well-documented. A well-practiced attorney could help gather the necessary information for recovering wages after a weather-related accident.

Punitive Damages

In certain extreme cases, punitive damages may be warranted in the state of Tennessee. These cases require a showing of reckless disregard for the safety of others or actual malice in an attempt to hurt others.

Call a Chattanooga Lawyer to Recover Bad-Weather Accident Damages

Speaking with an attorney about the circumstances of your wreck can help you understand your case and give you peace of mind. A consultation is always helpful to understand what your options are.

In recovering damages for Chattanooga weather-related accidents, a lawyer could gather the facts and shape a story to convey to the insurance company or defense attorneys. The team at Yates & Wheland knows how to maximize the value of your case through settlement negotiations or trial. Call us today to discuss your situation.

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