Rollover Car Accidents in Chattanooga

Rollover car accidents in Chattanooga are one of the most catastrophic types of crashes on the roads today. When an automobile goes upside-down, it may continue to roll after it has rolled once. Whether restrained by their seat belts or not, the individuals inside will hit the vehicle’s roof and sides of the automobile, which often leads to severe and lifelong injuries. Often, these crashes lead to fatalities.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a rollover commuter vehicle crash, a seasoned car wreck attorney could help you fight for the recovery you need to cover property damage and medical bill costs.

Injuries Associated with Rollover Car Crashes

Almost every area of the body is at risk during a rollover accident. Many of the injuries that come from these crashes include the following:

After a rollover car accident in Chattanooga, individuals should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Not All Injuries are Immediately Obvious

Many injuries are immediately apparent, but there are others that injured individuals might not notice right away. For instance, whiplash puts a tremendous strain on the soft-tissue material between the vertebrae and the cervical spine. Still, the individual may not notice it in the immediate aftermath of a rollover crash.

However, if whiplash injuries are not treated properly, individuals can face lifelong effects of the harm. An experienced attorney could help an injured person seek medical attention and file a claim for the harm that another party caused in a rollover wreck.

Common Fact Patterns in Rollover Car Accidents

Immediately before a rollover accident, a single automobile and an object or two vehicles collide. Once this impact happens, a driver typically changes their trajectory by pulling the steering wheel and causes an immense amount of momentum. The transfer in force from one side of the vehicle to the other, coupled with the impact to a curb, another vehicle, or a fixed object will cause the vehicle to roll.

Risk Factors in Chattanooga

Unfortunately, mountainous conditions in Chattanooga are prime locations for vehicles that leave the roadway and suffer rollover accidents. Often, vehicles that leave the roadway hit trees or will reach the bottom of a steep grade below the road before coming to rest. Some areas that are more at risk for rollover car wrecks include:

  • Signal Mountain
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Missionary Ridge
  • Elder Mountain
  • Raccoon Mountain
  • Sand Mountain

Each of these areas has a significant risk of rollover accidents because of their conditions.

An Attorney Experienced in Rollover Car Accidents in Chattanooga is Available

There are few more dangerous or catastrophic crashes than rollover car accidents in Chattanooga. During these accidents, the force applied to the body, head, neck, and spine can cause catastrophic harm or death.

Rather than filing a claim alone, schedule a consultation with a hardworking attorney to assist you in your fight for financial recovery. The firm is standing by to help you.

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