Custody Cases in Chattanooga

Custody cases in Chattanooga place a strain on everyone involved in them. That is why it is ideal for you to choose to work with an attorney who has experience gathering evidence to present to court information on your could best serve your child. Without representation, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to an outcome that does not align with your or your child’s best interests. Contact a child custody lawyer today.

How Is Best Interested Used in a Custody Case?

This best interest is used during a case to give a person specific guidance on how to present a visitation case to the court. The court will take all of these things into consideration while utilizing the guidelines set forth in TCA 36-6-106.

Integrating Factors to Determine Custody

Courts look a number of factors that are presented during a custody case in various ways. Each case is a little bit different and everybody’s situation is unique. What lawyers typically do is spend a lot of time with a parent and learn about his or her situation. At the end of the day, judges are given a very abbreviated amount of time to learn everything that they can about a person’s life in a trial. What needs to happen is the parent and a lawyer need to get together to find out what are the most important facts about a person’s case. And, present those to the judge while taking the law into consideration taken the best interest factors into consideration. How a person does it differs with each case, but at the end of the day it is done by presenting relevant facts that will help a judge make a determination in accordance with these factors and statute.

Characteristics of Parents and Living Environments

As far as characteristics go, the court is looking for people who have the best interest of their child in mind. Everybody has parenting styles that differ from one to the next and there is no books that says which parenting style is right and which parenting style is wrong. At the end of the day, if the court could be convinced that one parent is looking out ultimately for the best interest of their child, then they are going to be okay in one of these circumstances.

What Evidence Can Be Used to Determine Child Custody?

To determine that the environment, relationship, or other factors create a way of life beneficial to the child, lawyers may ask people to take pictures of their home. The court is not going to go to that person’s house, but it is a good idea to show the court that environment, in terms of the quality of the environment where the child would be staying and things of that nature. It is also a good idea to show some pictures to the court of the parent and the child doing fun things together and hanging out together to help the court understand the relationship.

Some of the other things that are looked at is the child’s school records to see how they are doing in school. Are there any problems with getting homework done or getting the child to school on time?

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Custody cases in Chattanooga are rarely without strife and stress. With the right help, however, you could better prepare yourself for court, for the questions you will face, and for the outcome you desire. Let an experienced attorney help you today. Call to schedule a consultation.

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