Preparing for a Child Custody Hearing in Chattanooga

Having to go through the process of deciding where a child is going to be placed can be straining and complex, especially when the parents involved cannot agree upon a parenting schedule. However, a family law attorney could make all the difference in reaching your goal of having your child where you think they are most safe.

To better prepare for a child custody hearing in Chattanooga, it may be highly advisable for you to have someone with knowledge, experience, and ability to present a case in a way that is tailored best for the specific court you are filing with.

How Long Do Child Custody Hearings Typically Last?

Some child custody hearings may last half an hour, but oftentimes, there are several parties to a child custody hearing, including parents, extended family, and grandparents, among others. With each party also bringing witnesses and their own attorneys, the cases could go on for much longer.

To avoid complications and prolong the child custody hearing process in Chattanooga, it is important to prepare to listen to the legal counsel. A family lawyer’s goal in starting a new case is always to have the client in a place where they understand exactly how they are supposed to act throughout the course of the case. A skilled attorney could give a party advice on how to conduct themselves with the other parent, as well as the court. This is in hopes that each parent will follow the advice, putting themselves in a better position to be successful in their case.

Difficult Factors When Preparing for a Hearing

Preparing for a child custody hearing be difficult in Chattanooga because it may be unpredictable, and therefore frustrating. Since an attorney cannot guarantee what outcome will be given to the parent they are working with, the strain may be put on not only the parent, but the children involved as well.

There can also sometimes be problems that arise after a case has been finalized. For example, if one party gets a job promotion out of town and needs to move. That parent may want to request that the child moves with them, or they may prefer for the child to stay where the child has lived for a number of years and just create some sort of out-of-town parenting schedule. Regardless, modifications could be made with the help of a Chattanooga attorney if the circumstance changes.

The role of the counsel is to help their client navigate through the process, including preparing them and helping them understand the elements of the case and helping minimize future stress. A seasoned attorney who knows the law, who is able to listen to a client’s story, and who is capable of fitting the facts of their story into a strong case may be an invaluable resource for the individual and their child.

Let a Chattanooga Child Custody Attorney Help You Prepare

Hiring a Chattanooga child custody lawyer who has experience in similar cases could help a person prepare for their child custody case. If you are looking to pursue a case for the benefit of your child, call to let our firm help you build a case today.

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