Renegotiating Child Custody in Chattanooga

When renegotiating child custody in Chattanooga, the outcome of a new parenting plan largely depends on the best interests of your child. However, presenting your case eloquently and with the help of a lawyer, you could increase your chances of the court hearing your side of the argument. Reach out to an attorney who could help you today.

Renegotiating Child Custody at a Later Time in Chattanooga

Child custody could be renegotiated at a later time in Chattanooga. Anytime a parenting plan or custody order is made, a parent may file a petition to modify that plan based on “material change in circumstance”. The statute itself states that one of the specific reasons that could be determined a material change would be if the parents are not adhering to the current parenting schedule.
Commonly, two parties who have entered into a parenting schedule, for example, every other weekend, and one of those parents or the parent who would typically get every other weekend is actually parenting the child much more often than that, and so they want to have a parenting plan that reflects that. Because of that instances like that, there are statutes that reflect a parent’s ability to request a change in a parenting plan.

Other than the factor that specific factor, there is not really a black and white rule as to what a marital change has to be. If people are looking to renegotiate child custody in Chattanooga, then they should reach out to a lawyer who could help them craft a plan that outlines their desired changes.

Requirements for Negotiating a Child Custody Agreement

For someone to be able to renegotiate the child custody agreement, the first thing they have to do is file a petition with the court that originally made the first custody order or parenting plan.
They need to file a petition, and as part of that petition, they need to allege a material change in circumstance. They also have to allege that their proposed change is in the best interests of the child or children. For people looking to do this, working with a Chattanooga lawyer who could help with renegotiations of child custody could prove fruitful.

How Visitation is Determined in Chattanooga

Visitation within a child custody case is typically determined by the parties coming to some sort of an agreement on what the visitation schedule would be for each parent. In those circumstances, the parties execute an agreed parenting plan, which is submitted to the court and made into an order of the court. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, one of the Hamilton County judges, chancellors, or magistrates ultimately makes the determination after the parties are able to be heard at a hearing.

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Renegotiating child custody in Chattanooga should be your top priority if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of an original parenting plan. In cases where you find yourself doing more for the sake of your child, you may have pretense to renegotiate. However, your chances could only be aided more with the help of an experienced attorney. Call today.

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