Safety Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Red Bank

You know as a motorcyclist that no matter how careful you are, accidents still occur. Such crashes are often life-threatening and, sadly, sometimes deadly. You do all you can to mitigate a catastrophe on the road, but have you thought of everything to ensure your safety?

All it takes is for one driver to make an irresponsible mistake, causing injuries to you and your passenger. If this happens, you have legal recourse through insurance and a personal injury lawsuit. However, there are some crucial steps you can take to avoid such devastating motorcycle collisions. Read on to learn various safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Red Bank.

Motorcycle Safety Tips to Remember

Remembering and employing safety tips could make a big difference in whether a motorcyclist is seen by an erratic motorist and a crash is avoided. Often times following an accident, a motorist will claim that they never even saw the motorcyclist.

Be seen. Motorcyclists can wear bright clothing, use headlights, or wave to gain distracted motorists’ attention when passing them. Bright clothing can include gloves, long pants, and high boots—all of which double as protection if a rider faces injury. Be alert at intersections with the view that motorcyclists may not be seen when a motorist is turning or trying to make it through a yellow light. Other important tips to remember include:

Why Safety Precautions Are Vital

Following these safety tips can save lives and help motorcyclists with legal challenges if an injury lawsuit must be filed after an accident in Red Bank. For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in a recent year that helmets saved about 2,900 lives, and $21 billion in accident-related costs could have been saved if all motorcyclists wore helmets.

Driving in Bad Weather

Avoiding inclement weather helps motorcyclists in the courtroom and in negotiating insurance settlements. Insurers, juries, and opposing counsel often argue that under Tennessee’s comparative fault laws, it may be unfair to assign more blame to a motorist because of weather conditions. Consult an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Red Bank to discuss the circumstances of a specific case.

Modified Comparative Negligence in Tennessee

Assigning blame for an accident is part of Tennessee law detailing modified comparative negligence. As in the scenario of driving in bad weather, the plaintiff and defendant could both bear some responsibility for a motorcycle accident. The jury must determine how much blame to assign to each before a damages award can be calculated.

Under Tennessee Code Annotated § 29-11-103, a plaintiff who causes less damage than a defendant can recover compensation, although the award will be reduced by the percentage the plaintiff is negligent. Although abiding by safety tips will help motorcyclists avoid accidents in Red Bank, if there is one, consult with an experienced lawyer for help.

Safety, Motorcycle Accident Prevention, and Your Dedicated Red Bank Attorney

You should never take your safety lightly when cruising the roads on your motorcycle around Red Bank. Although following accident prevention tips give you an edge if a careless motorist shares the road, a collision may be out of your control.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit against a reckless motorist, your skilled attorney will ask you what steps you took to stay safe. Hopefully, you can check off all the steps suggested here as proof the negligent automobile driver is responsible for your injuries. Follow these safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Red Bank, and, if you are involved in a crash, call us right away.

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