Red Bank Motorcycle Traffic Laws

The general traffic laws in the state of Tennessee require motorcyclists to follow all the rules of the road. These include speed limits, the requirement to stop at red lights, and yielding when appropriate. However, a collection of Red Bank motorcycle traffic laws is specific to bikers. These rules cover both the safe operation and maintenance of these unique vehicles.

While a violation usually results in little more than the payment of a fine, the fact is that a conviction in traffic court may be evidence of negligence in a personal injury case. Because of this, it is always best to remain on the right side of the law when on a motorcycle. Talking with an experienced attorney could help you better understand the Red Bank motorcycle traffic laws and how they may affect your legal rights.

Riders Must Follow the Common Rules of the Road

Regardless of a person’s chosen mode of transportation, they must be sure to follow the general rules of the road. Common examples include:

  • Speed limits
  • Stop signs
  • Rules regarding when to yield
  • The use of headlights at night or during poor weather

People on motorcycles are no exception to this rule. Police officers can stop a motorcycle rider and issue a ticket if they believe that a violation has occurred.

Special Rules that Apply to the Safe Operation of Motorcycles

In addition to the general traffic rules, a collection of special laws affects only those on motorcycles in Red Bank. One example is Tennessee Code Annotated § 55-8-164. This statute says that it is illegal to ride on a motorcycle without a proper seat, to carry a package that prevents a driver from placing both hands on the controls, and to allow a child to ride without their feet on foot pegs or in a sidecar.

Another common question about the motorcycle traffic laws in Red Bank concerns lane splitting. In short, Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-8-182 says that all drivers must remain in one lane whenever possible. In addition, it is illegal for a motorcycle to operate between lanes of traffic. As a result, lane splitting is against the law.

Rules Regarding the Proper Maintenance of Motorcycles

Just as bikers must be sure to operate their vehicles safely, they must also ensure that their vehicles are not a hazard to others on the road. One clear example is the law stating that all motorcycles must have at least one working headlight and that this headlight must be on during operation. At the same time, riders carrying packages or other cargo must be sure to properly secure that item to their vehicle. Finally, the vehicle must include securely attached footrests and a rearview mirror. Violations of any of these rules may lead to the receipt of a ticket and a case in traffic court.

Reach Out to a Red Bank Attorney to Learn More About the Motorcycle Traffic Laws in Tennessee

The motorcycle traffic laws in Tennessee exist to protect the safety of bikers, their passengers, and other travelers on the road. In general, bikers must follow the general rules of the road that apply to all other motorists. However, additional laws concerning the proper riding and maintenance of motorcycles apply only to bikers.

Talk with a knowledgeable lawyer now for more information about the Red Bank motorcycle traffic laws. They can explain how they function and how they may interact with a potential personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit. Reach out now to schedule a consultation.

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