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Tractor-trailers take up more space and carry more weight than virtually any vehicle on the road, and when that mass collides with another commuter car, the outcome is often devastating for those inside the smaller vehicle. To make matters worse, establishing fault for a truck crash can often be complex, especially without the legal guidance of a skilled injury attorney.

If you want to better your chances at recovering comprehensively for damages caused by a wreck like this, seeking help from a Hamilton County truck accident lawyer might be essential. Having legal assistance could make all the difference when it comes to proving someone else liable for your incident, valuating the losses you experienced as a result, and tirelessly demanding the compensation you deserve.

Possible Grounds for a Tractor-Trailer Accident Claim

While truck drivers are generally required to acquire commercial drivers’ licenses and undergo extensive training to operate their vehicles, some still act recklessly behind the wheel. If a professional trucker causes a crash by disobeying state or federal trucking laws, or if they collide with someone else because of a distraction, they could be held responsible for the consequences of that incident.

However, negligent behavior by an individual truck driver is far from the only justification for a potential truck accident claim. For instance, some incidents stem from irresponsible behavior by a trucking company, like requiring drivers to stay on the road longer than federal law allows to save money.

Likewise, a mechanic might also be liable if a mechanical failure caused the truck to wreck. Regardless of the cause of the truck wreck, a versed attorney in Hamilton County could play a key role in identifying who bears fault and what legal action may be possible as a result.

What Could Hinder the Pursuit of Compensation in a Truck Crash Claim?

Truck drivers have a greater capacity to cause harm in accidents than drivers of smaller cars, but it does not absolve other motorists of responsibility for their own behavior. If a person injured in a truck wreck bears some degree of responsibility for the incident, they could be subject to a proportional reduction in recoverable compensation based on the percentage of blame they hold, or even be barred from recovery if that percentage equals or exceeds 50 percent.

Additionally, Tennessee Code §28-3-104 establishes caps on recovery for all subjective damages, such as physical pain, lost consortium, and lost quality of life. The maximum amount most plaintiffs can recover for these damages is $750,000. A knowledgeable lawyer in Hamilton County could fight to get a truck crash victim compensation to cover all losses they sustained in the incident.

A Hamilton County Truck Accident Attorney is Available Now

No matter the truck that was involved in your incident, you may have a hard time getting a fair case result without seasoned legal counsel on your side. The companies that employ truck drivers and keep trucking companies often vigorously fight claims from injured accident victims with assistance from their insurance providers, and they know the tricks to minimize their liability.

Working with a Hamilton County truck accident lawyer could help even the odds and be vital to protecting your best interests. Call us today to learn more.

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